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Full Version: The louchelounge is dead
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New, Improved 100% Opie Free LOUCHEDLOUNGE.COM! Please note the "d", this is a brand new site, completely under the ownership of Drinkslinger, Crosby & Louchedliver.

For a blow by blow account of the final days of the old lounge, please read HERE & HERE.

Feel free to discuss, ask questions, etc...

Godspeed, Louchedloungers! Raindeers.png Santa.png
We've killed my first bastard child guillotine.gif

But the new and improved-genetically-modified-shill free infant is just taking it's first few breaths. Too bad they are tainted with the fumes of the burning lounge.

The louchelounge is dead, long live the LouchedLounge

I placed the "D" in there to remind me of what a Dumbass I was to trust Opie.
"I placed the "D" in there to remind me of what a Dumbass I was to trust Opie. "

many of us were lured in many different ways, hopefully with the O.P.I.E.-watch active we'll be able to keep others from getting ripped off.
Wow. I've missed every single bit of this drama. Every last iota. I'm clueless as to what had happened, hell I didn't even know there WAS a Louchelounge.

Can someone paraphrase in one sentence? Can someone name that tune in 5 notes?
Yeah, gee, and I had just been meaning to go there sometime and have a look.
Forgive me if I have some of this out of sequence, please feel free to correct. I was only watching in the sidelines. was originally (and unbenownst to anyone) owned by "Optimalsmarts", a well known ebay absinthe seller who got into a few scrapes on the forum here in the winter of 2002.

But he did one smart thing. He said the first person to email him would get a free bottle of La Bleue... apparently a bunch of people emailed him, and Louchedliver won the bottle, and duly received it.

A month or so later a bunch of folks got a mysterious email saying that a new absinthe forum had arrived at, the admin was "Sonoman"... no apparent connection with Optimalsmarts. There would be monthly giveaways etc.

Many of the forum members here trotted off to see what it is all about.

Drinkslinger lends a hand and admins the forum as Sonoman is too busy to be bothered. Eventually Sonoman starts selling "excess stock" of absinthe he has around.

Only a couple bottles are ever offered as giveaways however, and folks start to talk. Some openly.

Then one day last spring Sonoman offers a Swiss Verte for $130 a bottle, quite a deal.

Alot of people buy into it. Alot of time passes, no booze. Folks get restless, pissed, start threatening, start figuring out the guy is Opie (Optimalsmarts).

While he still denies he is Opie, he eventually ships the booze. Folks are happy. Until they taste it. It is crap. Some amalgamation or very bad blend. NOT Swiss Verte by any stretch.

Now they are really pissed. Sonoman/Opie starts doing weird things with the board, erasing criticism, etc etc.

The Louchelounge revolts. The board goes down, the board comes up.

Hell has broken loose and they all come back here for refuge. When Opie realises he's fucked the whole scheme anyways he agrees to hand the lounge over to Drinkslinger, states that he has paid the bill through the end of the year and gives Drinkslinger back his admin rights.

Drinkslinger makes Louchedliver & Crosby admins, and there is much rejoicing.

Until Halloween. Apparently Opie never paid the bill, came sniffing back, had his admin account re-added, changed the password on Drinky, Liver & Crosby and, once again, all hell broke lose.

Now he has nothing. Who's lucky?
But must reiterate that the LouchedLounge lives!!!

It has been reincarnated and is under the total control of those who are pure of heart.
Ah. As someone who never really figured out what the hell all this was about, I really appreciated The Short And True Story.

Now I'll just wait for The Motion Picture.
I was at the loucheDlounge just a few minutes ago. Now I can not get back. Mybrowser says it has no url. I
Can't use this laptop worth a fok! Anyway,couldn't get to the new lounge just now. Beer3.gif
Fluffy G
Yep. I'm having the same problem right now. It's like the place just disapeared.
godzilla.gif <-----I love this godzilla btw
Me too.

Crosby or Liver probably tripped over the cord.

Clumsy drunks!

It'll be back soon...
godzilla.gif <- it's a godzilla toy I found when looking for icon material. I just removed the big joints. Isn't he happy?
Really guys where is the louchedlounge?
I suggest trying here Little Tony Finds a Tractor

headbonk.gif chop.gif
Seems it's working now...or it is for me.
No it is working... It's not too much chop.gif in your coffee.
<- it's a godzilla toy I found when looking for icon material. I just removed the big joints. Isn't he happy?



You must be punished! guillotine.gif

Must . . . Warn . . . HEAD . . .
Thanks for the Heads Down!
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