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Full Version: Lighting it on fire
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With the number of newbies STILL asking about it I'm just curious about the number of forum members who have, at some point, misguidedly set their absinthe aflame. There has to be a few...

C'mon, an anonymous poll is a great way to clear your conscience. Does this...
user posted image
jog your memory?
Are you kidding? I'm Johnny Blaze.
grey boy
I've only lit my absinth farts on fire.
Makes sense, Jack sayz every Absinth tastes burnt.
I've never unknowingly set it on fire. I have however set absinth on fire because it was shite and I needed to get rid of it somehow.
I did buy a bottle of Hill's after having tasted Sebor (in Bohemia). Mainly because it was dirt cheap (not because I hadn't drunk anything better - I was already acquainted with 1950 Pernod Tarragona, Segarra 45 and FG).

Hill's turned out to be rather unpleasant without the fire ritual (and I bitterly regretted not having bought the Sebor instead), so I decided to try it *their* way (diluted only 1:1 as per their instructions).

No less unpleasant "their" way - after all, there's not much to ruin.

The main differences are that the 1:1 dilution gets you drunk much faster, and that the caramelised sugar taste occludes the cough syrup flavours.

excuses, excuses.

suprisingly, i never have.

i was too busy killing random creatures using hairspray and a lighter.
Does intentionally making an absinthe Molotov cocktail count?
Don't forget the flaming bag and doorbell ritual, on the front porch. harhar.gif
Of course. I think you people need to come clean and stop acting like you sprang full-grown out of a god's forehead.

We all go through a period of not knowing shit about something we come to love.

When I didn't know shit about absinthe, of course I lit it on fire, because that's what the boho poser crowd who'd been to Prague were telling me you did with it.

At least it wasn't something I paid $40-50 a bottle to get.

Edit: What's really exciting to me now is that so many people are learning about the real absinthe tradition from the get-go, and starting out with the best. It bodes well for the future.
Thankfully, when I macerated my own ungodly, undrinkable, vomitous swill in 1976, the authentic Czech Flaming Ritual from the 1920s hadn't been invented yet.

That's probably the only reason I didn't try lighting the shit.
The first "absinthe" I tried was Absente. I had just seen From Hell and figured: "The movie couldn't have contained false info., could it?" So, yeah, I lit it on fire; after a few glasses, however, I realized that the sugar wasn't really dissolving so I put away the matches. Now I hardly even use sugar at all.
QUOTE (Perruche_verte @ Nov 18 2004, 02:30 PM)
Of course. I think you people need to come clean and stop acting like you sprang full-grown out of a god's forehead.

Sorry,............I never saw Degas, or any other artist of the absinthe era lighting sugar cubes in their paintings.

I didn't do that crap back when all I had was a bottle modern Herbsaint, and the prospect of a bottle of Deva was like striking gold.

There has been a reasonable amount of information out there for sometime on how a glass of absinthe was properly served.
Barnaby Conrad's book has been available since the late 80's,....unfortunately many people are just too lazy to educate themselves .

I thought it was a stupid idea in the 90's when I first heard of the Czech sugar burning nonsense.

All it ever was was a gimmick, made to resemble a junkie cooking a spoon full of smack, so some chump in a club in Prague could feel like a hipster when they got back to the States.

You are damn right I'm going to mock any one that comes here talking about that crap, if they are too lazy to read, they deserve all the flak they get from everybody. no-czechs3.gif
You go, Impy!
I'm with Impy on this one. I have never lighted my absinthe on fire, and never will. Even a modicum of research will reveal that lighting it on fire is pure theatrical crap.
even a mental midget like me did enough research to know not to.

plus i'm cheap and poor and irish, so i wouldn't dare waste it.
It's like that "N" word with you, innit?

Goddess help the rest of us poor saps who poke fun at the Irish! harhar.gif

no, not really.

unless it's a british cunt like jacky.
Well, that's different!!!!! abs-cheers.gif
Lord Stanley
I sparked up some Bacardi 151 one time. Only because the bottle warns against opening the bottle near an open flame. Had to do it.
But did you SNORT it when the flame died down, L.S.?
Lord Stanley
I don't remember. Probably just dumped it down the sink.
Lord Stanley
QUOTE (Absomphe @ Nov 18 2004, 03:35 PM)
Thankfully, when I macerated my own ungodly, undrinkable, vomitous swill in 1976, the authentic Czech Flaming Ritual from the 1920s hadn't been invented yet.


Good one, by the way.
You Canadians always have your finger on the pulse of yesterday! harhar.gif abs-cheers.gif
Lord Stanley
And you Americans re-elected Dubya.
'Nuff said.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

I don't vote, and I never have.

I also don't bitch about who my retarded compatriots vote into office.

Morality can bite this af1.gif
grey boy
Must be why I have no morals.
I can honestly say I've never burned absinthe.

You didn't ask about absinth.

I've also spit cheap tequila into a campfire, does that count?
grey boy
I've never burned any alcohol,
a friend tried a flaming shot once,
he was VERY drunk and a normally spastic type.
Needless to say,
he's grown, and has always had, a beard since then.
I never burned it.

Mostly because I was sipping it before hollywood took it's first few near-lethal bites into "absinthe culture".


gun thug.gif
Sponge Bob

I burned the fuck out of it!

I'll try anything once, twice if it makes me laugh. I've burned it all different kinds of ways and with all different kinds of absinthe.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.
I've gotta run.. with scissors.

(Anyone want to cop to bringing (and subsequently breaking) an antique absinthe glass at a drunken absinthe gathering?)
While having a quiet conversation with a young lady at a party, (we were both seated on the floor) a drunk barged in on our conversation and stepped on one of Phil's repro Pontarlier glasses.

I'm glad a bought a set .

When I take antique glasses, I'm very careful.

I can honestly say I've never lit a cube of sugar on fire, nor can I say I have broke a cherry at a party.

Wait a minute, sorry, broke a glass at a party. A buddy of mine broke a large German stein of mine doing the "Steam Man" impression one cold night at a party with several hot-tubs, but that is a whole nother story.

I can't feel my teeth.
Bite down harder.
Sadly, I tried it once several years ago.

Mistake #1: Thinking that mixing alcohol and fire was a good idea no-czechs3.gif

Mistake #2: Already having imbibbed 7,8, whatever; glasses of absinthe

Mistake #3: Catching the whole damned glass on fire. O-Bomb.gif

Mistake #4: After extinguishing, adding ice cold water to an incredibly hot glass---fortunately, it was a little modern glass fm SC and not an antique
QUOTE (Sponge Bob @ Nov 20 2004, 11:42 PM)

I burned the fuck out of it.

You also helped demonstrate that King of Spirits beats Jade hands down.

You rule, Spongie!
QUOTE (Balzdeep @ Nov 21 2004, 02:33 AM)
I can't feel my teeth.

Well, I can, bitch!

Who taught you how to suck dick, a threshing machine?!
i need this for my x signature.

My wife was intrigued by the burning burning cubes in the recent National Geographic segment about the "hallucinigenic double whammie drug absinthe." After about three servings of BdF, my judgement was impaired to the point that I let her convince me to out a match to my next serving.

I found that BdF burns with a nearly invisible flame, so there was really little to see other than a slightly bubbling cube. If Czech swill burns with prettier multi-colored flames, it must be due to the industrial toxic waste residue in their base alcohol.
But did it taste better, and bitterer, and didja Trip on yer Balz?
I already knew better, but I hate it when morons sneer "Well, have you ever tried it that way? How can you be so sure if you haven't tried it?" As if I have to eat horseshit before I can say it's nasty.

Anyway, I briefly burned sugar over some UE68 when I first got it just so I could say I did it. It didn't work very well.

Then I aided and abetted Jack Batemaster in burning sugar over his very first Czech swill (Sebor) but it wouldn't stay lit. It got sinked.

Several months ago, in the interest of science, I did the full on burn-it-until-it-caramelizes-and-drips ritual with something cheap - I think it was Oxygenee.

That's where I learned that:
- It takes quite a while for the sugar to get to the melting point.
- Once the alcohol has burned off, the burning sugar smokes like hell.
- The glass gets really f'ing hot.
- Little blobs of candied, burnt sugar don't dissolve very well in absinthe.
- Black, burned-on sugar is hard to clean off of an absinthe spoon.

I didn't even bother drinking it.
It's an experiment like that one which earned you the title "Famous Assbinth Expert". LARS!.gif
QUOTE (traineraz @ Nov 29 2004, 09:55 AM)
But did it taste better, and bitterer, and didja Trip on yer Balz?

I didn't let the cube burn long enough to carmalize. I was bored so I blew it out and started dripping water on it. As far as I recall it tasted the same.

After drinking it, I was flying higher than normal, but that probably had something to so with the two or three servings I drank prior to the experiment. I normally drink only one or two.

shock.gif Your a Northwestewrner, Dude...

Please don't admit that you're an absinthe lightweight!
Jack Batemaster
I still burn my Ass, binthe.
For WS and LF events move the decimal point in my figures above one place to the right.
sasddly I ahve - I set my absinthe on fire once - and thought it was charcoled the falvour.
I have lit the sugar a couple of time, but it only caramalised once corectly, and never again, so i gave up.

Now I just palute it with bitters and champange!
(never again - it made me very sick!)
Just be glad sixer hasn't shown up yet.
He'd rip your sorry ass to shreds. blink.gif
QUOTE (grims @ Nov 30 2004, 10:13 AM)
sasddly I ahve - I set my absinthe on fire once - and thought it was charcoled the falvour.

Apparently, even thinking of setting your absinthe on fire induces motor disorders (from the looks of it, lateralisation problems).
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