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Full Version: Bad on purpose
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Felis Catus
Yes,I am subjecting you to selections from
my "favorites" list but promise to stop here
(for the near/semi-near future.)

Links to sites that list and review B Movies.


Have fun!

There's a Meet the Feebles site!!!!

w00t1.gif w00t1.gif w00t1.gif
I don´t know if it´s there, but Blood on Dracula´s castle is one of those movies...
grey boy
Meet the Feebles was the Funniest God-damned film I have ever seen!
I can't believe there is a site for it!
hyper.gif w00t2.gif hyper.gif w00t2.gif hyper.gif w00t2.gif
Felis Catus
Remember who lead you to that site.

Do you still want to call me a neko.gif censored2.gif ?

Or are you just swatting at my tail in fun?
looking-up.gif fez.gif

Cheers,from my "cat ass" to yours, cheekkiss.gif
Beer.gif = absynthe.gif = fairy.gif = w00t1.gif = blink.gif

grey boy
Just ticklin' your belly my fuzzy friend.

Here's to fairy.gif giving you as much fun as I'm having tonight!
Felis Catus
I do'nt have any absynthe.gif !

Christmas can't come soom enough(even though I
am a heathen. shock.gif )The whole family is giving
me money this year;it's easier on everyone.

All that I have access to is my roommate's diet
Coke(A Cola)and it's dose of caffeine.I guess all
"coke" is diet coke;at least it is popular with super-
models. hula-1.gif sp_ike.gif

I do'nt think I need any stimulants right now,
anyway.Insomnia is a natural stimulant-sometimes
lack of sleep makes me "goofy." wacko.gif

Have fun in fairy.gif -land....

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