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Full Version: The time has come...
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Dear Friends,

After nearly eight years of managing this site, through its many changes and incarnations, I’ve decided to retire. I would never consider closing the site or the forums (alright, I have, but only in a fit of pique, which never lasted more than an hour or two). And so it is with some sadness and some relief that I hand the reigns of and The Absinthe Forum over to our much-loved friend Oxygenee.

The number of people I would willingly hand the site off to I could count on one hand with two fingers cut off, so I was very excited when Oxy took up the challenge. As a person with integrity, who has never flinched in sharing wisdom and support, and who has a grand passion for absinthe, its history, and the people who make up this community, I couldn’t have found a better successor. My involvement with absinthe was a series of happy accidents and a penchant for pretty pictures. His is a driving passion for absinthe, truth and beauty, and I truly believe the site will flourish under his care. Although Oxy may add a commercial component to the site at some stage in the future, he assures me that the 3 key components: Forum, FAQs and Buyer Guide will continue pretty much as they are, and in fact be expanded and improved. Indeed, his assurances on this matter in particular, has put my restless mind at ease.

I will continue to be involved with the site and the forum. In terms of my sales agreement with Oxy, I've agreed to support changes, updates, and integration for the next six months, and both Head & I will remain as moderators on the forum at least for a time.

Please ask your questions and voice your opinions, we are here to answer. We will post a similar message in the public news and announcements section shortly. There are some kinks to work out, some more files to move, updates to be made, I will be working on the site for the next six months or so as part of my agreement with Oxy. Please be patient, but do report any inconsistencies or errors you may come across. As we speak the server and domain has all been moved and is under Oxy’s care.

This has been an incredible experience for me. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for this forum and the site. The friends and experiences, the true love and heartbreak have changed my life forever and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

Don’t think for a second that this is easy for me. However painful it is, I know in my heart it is necessary to move on. Much love to all of you.

absintheglass-glow2.gif salud!

Kallisti & Head
I'm both sad and excited at the same time.

Kallisti, thank you so much for all the hard work, dedication, love, sweat and grit that you and Head have put into this forum.

So many of us have you personally to thank for introducing us to the marvelous, mystical elixir that enthralls us so. I couldn't think of a single person I'd rather see take over the reigns, or who I thought anywhere near as well-qualified as Oxy.

And I'm still flattered that you chose to quote me in your sig line. You always have a drinking buddy in Seattle.

All the best, all the time! heart.gif

I hope you both visit often and actually have fun after you pass the torch.
grey boy
Thank you for having the only site that turned me on the proper course 2 years ago when this new muse struck me.
You both will be missed.
shock.gif shock.gif shock.gif shock.gif shock.gif shock.gif shock.gif
Not sure what to say - I have enjoyed the hospitality of this fine board...Kallisti you did a wonderful job! - I wish you and Head P. a wonderful life.

Please don't be a stranger!
Oh yeah - Congrats Oxy...
This is indeed important news. I wish you and Head all the best in whatever endeavours you choose to seek. I also wish Oxy the best as he steps into the challenge of his new position. As Hiram said, you two will always have a friend in Seattle for drinks, burgers, or whatever.
nd I'm still flattered that you chose to quote me in your sig line. You always have a drinking buddy in Seattle.

The least I could do for a line that made me spit up when I read it. The timing was probably half of it.

Thanks all for the sentiments!

And remember: LARS!.gif
Jack Batemaster
QUOTE (Zman @ Jan 21 2005, 05:09 PM) two will always have a friend in Seattle for drinks, burgers, or whatever.

...and Heady P's escort to The Cuff.
I'm honoured by Kallisti's trust, and daunted by the thought of following in her footsteps. Kallisti and Head have created something unique and remarkable here, and it's a privilege to be its new custodian.

Continuity is the goal - there will be no drastic changes, and the basic nature and character of the site will remain entirely unchanged. I'm thrilled that Kallisti and Head have agreed to stay on as moderators.

Initial plans? Work will be done on the FAQ and Buyers Guide sections, to bring them fully up to date.

Beyond that? What changes would you like to see? Your feedback and ideas will be critical in determining the directions the site eventually takes.

Will post more in the days ahead, as the path forward becomes clearer.
le Gimp
THank you all. abs-cheers.gif
Like GB, I got steered in the right direction about 4? 5? years ago, thanks to you, K!


I said other stuff elsewhere, and if I get all mushy again I'm just gonna cry, and I promised myself I wouldn't cry . . . so get yer ass to LCLF05. abs-cheers.gif
anything much i have to say would simply be repeating what's been said above. but i just want to add my unending thanks and best wishes, Kallisti, Head, and Oxy! these past several years have been quite the trip for us all. indeed, life changing. without you, without feeverte, i cannot imagine the paths i would have otherwise trod.

you have my utmost love and respect.


I certainly wish to echo the sentiments already put forward (except for that part about The Cuff blink.gif ) and to give Kallisti and Head a heartfelt thanks, as well as a hearty congratulations to Oxygenee. Thanks. abs-cheers.gif
Although I'm still a newcomer to these parts, I am indebted to this site. If it weren't for this community, I probably would've wasted my money on Logan Fils- I was thinking about it, but decided to do more research when it started sounding fishy.

Anyways, I'm sure things won't change for the worse. My sincerest thanks to everyone who put effort into making this place what it is today.

Congrats Oxy

Looks like things are in good hands
Thanks a lot for everything you've done, Kallisti.
And thank you for taking this on, Oxy.

Wow, everything changes

I wish you well
Local phone company got a good slogan...

"Nothing changes - everything is new"

Jaded Prole
Thanks for your work and for such a fine source of information. Good choice passing it on to Oxy.
The Green Spirit
I don't even want to speculate, how I'd mostlikely would've abused absinthe if it had not been for this wonderful site.

The passion I now have for absinthe and it's history is all due to this site.

Merci. abs-cheers.gif
Thanks for what you have done, Kallisti. The day I found this site was a turning point for me. It allowed me to treat my palate with great pleasures and introduced me to a wonderful bunch of great people, some of which I've had the pleasure of meeting in real life too.

Of course I'm convinced it will be in good hands with Oxy taking over.

absintheglass-glow2.gif viking_emoticon.gif
"Regrets... I've had a few...."

user posted image

Take off those cuffs and get a little more comfortable.

It's about time you two had a life!

Thanks for all the selfless dedication, and guidance, in this incredibly quirky and addictive hobby/passion...

I've been missing you guys for months already, and wondered if something like this had been in the works. Best of luck in your future endeavors, and thanks for turning the reins over to the only person who could have truly qualified as your successor! LARS!.gif
Thank you for all of your hard work and devotion put into this site. It has taught me a great deal. I wish you all the best on your next endeavour!

If it weren't for the Absinthe Forum and masturbation, I would have given up the Internet long ago.
w00t2.gif Pata! Head sez "ditto"... teehee!

Thanks to all for the lovely comments, you've all been swell and very supportive. It means a lot to us!

heart.gif heart.gif heart.gif
Don't Leave!!! PLEEEEEAAAASE!!! DON'T GOOOOOO!!! We'll be good now, we promise! See, everyone is sitting nice and there isn't any more hitting! See! Even Jacky and Trainer quit poking each other! WE'RE SORRY! PLEASE DON'T GO!!

Truly do feel saddened by you both leaving the running of the board, you did a wonderful and civil job of maintaining a board that often-times would try to stray awry, and I applaud you both for that! I am happy that you have allowed Oxygenee to run things, and know that the future of FeeVerte board is very safe and stable!

Best of luck to everyone!
For the past year, there has seldom been a day when I did not access the internet, and whenever I have accessed the internet, Feeverte is always the first site I check. I have received more entertainment and satisfaction from this website than any other I have ever been to.

Thank you so much to both of you guys for all of your selflessness and devotion to the cause. May your journeys take you far and wide, may you learn much from your travels, and most of all I wish you both good health, long days, and pleasant nights. Cheers to you! Please do not be strangers.


That having been said. My only deal with the site in a nutshell is I would like this site to retain much of it's past pliability, format and scrutiny, but would like to move it more in the direction of wormwoodsociety, in order to maximize educational benefits, while minimizing assholism.

Congratulations, Oxy.
Hail & farewell, Kallisti & Head! You've done a marvelous job & I thank you for your fine work & being all what good moderators could & should be. Best of luck to you both & Oxy as well!
abs-cheers.gif absintheglass-glow2.gif
Thank you Kallisti & Head. I also am saddened by this news.

I would most likely still be drinking Sebor if I had not found this site.

Good luck & Have FUN!

QUOTE (Conju)
while minimizing assholism.

Funny, that coming from you
Well, damn, I'm sad to see you guys go. Thanks so much for all your hard work. This site has been such a huge help in turning my alcoholism in to a hobby. If it weren't for this site, I'd still be trying to trip balz off of some Gert Strand. Hope you still stop in from time to time, and if your ever in Sacramento drop me a line, I'd love to share a drink with ya'll some day abs-cheers.gif
just found this thread.



i guess it would be very selfish of us if we kidnapped you and forced you to continue.

but, fuck it.

watch your back, motherfuckers. some of us have no pride.
Let me know when you have a plan ,
we'll get Oxy to take them to the Dark Continent ,
and use them. evill.gif

fuck, i can't plan on what i'm doing after work today.

let's just wing it.

one day we'll drive out to callyfornea and catch them in big nets.

if anybody says anything, we'll just tell them we're filming a new reality show for the FOX network.

the people there are prolly so desensitized to that shit by now they'll help us get them in the van.

hey kallisti & head:

watch yout fucking backs. if you see 2 ugly, bald and drunk fuckers with huge nets running....err...trying to walk really fast.... torwards you, call the authorities.
lautrec's cane
Just when I get my meds worked out...

Seriously, it's been a privilege and I am very grateful for your dedication and devotion. You truly touched many lives for the better.
Lord Stanley
QUOTE (Conju @ Jan 23 2005, 01:44 AM)
I would like this site to retain much of it's past pliability, format and scrutiny, but would like to move it more in the direction of wormwoodsociety, in order to maximize educational benefits, while minimizing assholism.

Educational benefits are all fine and dandy but the assholism is half the charm of La Fee Verte. OK, maybe a quarter.

Either way, many thanks to Kallisti and Head for keeping this crazy place in business over the years. It's the only web Forum that I participate in with regular posting. More significantly, it's certainly the only site that's led me to communicate with and travel to meet fellow members. We all appreciate having a place to educate ourselves and vent some assholism when necessary.

Best of luck in the future.
What are ya tryin' to do, Conju? Kill it?

No, it's good to have a more flexible space to be in. It think it's awesome that there are different types of places for different types of folks.
You have a point, but what I think needs to be done here is have
a shorthand version of the FAQ (all the questions that we hate to answer)
mandatory before you enter the forum.

Here's what I do when I come here:

I type in the following:
that's it.

Here is what I do (or did before I could employ a bookmark) when I enter the
wormwood society forum:
1)I type in
2)I click on the forum button
3)I get the FAQ/forum rules page and have to scroll all the way to the bottom
and click OK before I enter.

And here's the name of the wormwood society forum page address:

And that's what I think should be done here, and every other place of absinthe authority.
IMHO I think we should even go a step further and add a 'I agree to these terms and
conditions' Checkbox onto step 3. That way there is absolutely no excuse for asking a
stupid question here. So we will see three things happen

a)the number of idiots and stupid questions on this forum will decrease greatly
b)We can have a higher membership retention, and finally
c)we can flame the fools even harder.

I'd even be willing to take on this programming challenge if oxy would deem it necessary,
I have a good deal of html experience, and a fundamental knowledge of java and flash(just in case).
As long as it doens't get annoying and takes too long to get in on the forum, I'm happy.

FAQ needs an update, no doubt.
You have created a truly great site and can be very proud of that! I've been reading here for a bit over 2 years now and it was allways very informative and often entertaining.

Thank you and good luck

Also very glad to hear that Oxy is the one to take over and looking forward to see where it all goes from here.

I found this forum in May of 2003 after my girlfriend returned from Prague with a bottle of Stars O' Plenty. Without this forum, I probably would have never touched another bottle. I have really enjoyed learning all about absinthe and the history surrounding it. This forum is an amazing resource. Thank you Kallisti and Head for all your work. I am also excited that you left the forum in such capable hands.
Best Wishes!
abs-cheers.gif heart.gif
QUOTE (Conju @ Jan 25 2005, 07:15 AM)
Here's what I do when I come here:

I type in the following:
that's it.

Why so much?

Bookmark it, you fool! ^_^

By the way . . . . . I saw this coming. :-/

It's sad, but I saw it coming.

Let's just say that there were hints.
As did I. I must admit I was unsure as to who was going to take over, but Oxy was my numero uno suspect.
Kallisti, Head-

Thank you for starting something that has brought so much knowledge and enjoyment to my life. If it wasn't for this site I'd still be getting all of my absinthe from in the States, and my days at work would be exponentially more boring. I wish you luck in your future ventures. And Oxy, I can say without any doubt that the site couldn't be in any better hands.

"The war between the Drips and the Flamers was over...
The Devil cursed. The Lord smiled.
Peace laid its velvet ball sac over the dewey veil of morning.
All was well.
The end. "
-Head Prosthesis
Let's just say that there were hints.

Why would anybody who doesn't accept PMs send a PM to another member?

Doesn't matter, there was nothing to talk about.

Kallisti, I know I'm not supposed to be here, but it'll be only as much time as needed to say a big and heartfelt


Thank you for these sometimes exhilarating, sometimes bumpy, always interesting four years.

You have created something wonderful, and now handed the baton to the most qualified Forum member one can desire.

Today someone told me in a PM that I have insulted you. I don't recall doing that, but if I ever crossed the line between pissing you off and insulting you, I publicly apologize.

All the best to you and Head in your future endeveaurs.

I think needs to be done here is have
a shorthand version of the FAQ (all the questions that we hate to answer)
mandatory before you enter the forum.

ad infinitim...

If you remember, I used to have it set up that way. That the link to the forum went through the FAQ first.

I changed it when I redesigned the site for more organic navigation. And I thought folks would be grown up enough to read a bit first.

And I have to say, that there were no fewer newbie questions before than there are now. Personally I think there are a lot less now that the site is layed out a bit more organically, and it is more inviting to explore.

There will ALWAYS be newbie questions, and folks that would rather ask than read. It is not always a bad thing, but can be a bit repetitive for old timers.

Remember, this forum was started because I got tired of answering questions in my email box harhar.gif

Thanks for the favor! LARS!.gif

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