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Full Version: Where to now?
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This is what is already happening, or about to happen:

1. A new basic FAQ is being prepared. My intention is that new users will have to click to confirm they have read it, before registering.

2. A new set of tasting guidelines with a scoresheet is being drafted. I'll post it for comment here fairly shortly. Once it is finalized, the process of bringing the Buyers Guide up to date, and standardizing the reviews so that different absinthes can be meaningfully compared to each other, will begin. I want to make the buyers guide a real focus for the site, and am going to need your help to get as many products reviewed as soon as possible.

3. I'm rethinking the vendors list, with a view to splitting them into 3 categories:
Highly Recommended: Unconditionally recommended by Fee Verte.
Approved: Recommended, subject to some qualifications or caveats.
Others: Not recommended.

4. Parts of this site will be integrated or linked a little more closely with my site.

Other than the above, what changes would you like to see? I need to hear your suggestions, ideas, creative input, moans, grievances....everything.
#2 was at the top of my list.

If I was to suggest something it would be to create a "best of" and history archive of the archives. There is a lot of information and history in them that makes many posts on the current forums make more sense, but it's hard to find the right posts especially in the non searchable archives.
Ari has a great idea there. Aside from that, I think you have it covered. This site is a fine, fine instrument that could use a new set of strings and a tuning.
Donnie Darko
Agreed. I found the archives to be a wealth of information, and it certainly would be of help to those who are inclined to SEARCH before typing.

I would also love to see the buyers guide focus more on the manufacturing process, makers and history of the brands, and not just the usual "pretty louche-tastes like anise-nice colour" routine. And reviews should only be accepted from those who have proven they have a trustworthy and consistent palate. Shit, I've made some comments on some erstwhile brands back in the day which I can't believe I said now...
Lord Stanley
The problem with posting new reviews for some of the older brands is that nobody drinks them anymore. The original reviews are certainly obsolete but new ones might be hard to come by. Hopefully, some members have unfinished bottles of lesser brands kicking around.
Being exclusively charged with the well-being of this site - and of the land of the 48 hour day, which is conveniently outside the effectual range of the federal reserve's oppressive claptrap, I might add - would you be open to entertaining, lucid discussions on the subject of censored2.gif - excluding, of course, that which would incriminate their purveyors.
A lot of the older reviews are based on comparison to what was available at the time. It's not that the products have changed, but rather the bar has been raised . . .

Perhaps a double-rating system would work? Keep the old ratings and reviews, then add a "post-2000" series, allowing people to compare the "old school" stuff on an equal footing, and then also see how it stacks up against the more recent introductions.

Of course, Hills and Black Tunnel and the like could be rated on the het.gif scale; the more het.gif they get, the worse they are . . .
Lord Stanley
QUOTE (traineraz @ Jan 30 2005, 11:15 PM)
It's not that the products have changed, but rather the bar has been raised . . .

That was basically my point. Does it matter how Deva compared to other absinthes available 5 years ago? Aside from a few idiosyncratic choices (i.e. Serpis, Segarra, Francois Guy), a lot of the older brands are fairly irrelevant in today's market. Some of the newer ones too, I suppose.

Which martyr gets to have a few drinks of King of Spirits for the updated review? Will we be allowed to (ahem) critique Logan Filth?
Logan Filth? Only if you say NICE things about it.

The old reviews are relevant, if merely as a means of comparing the lower-end brands and providing an historical perspective.

After all, people who can't easily get to a 7-11 might like to know which $25/bottle oil mix to buy for mixed drinks at a party, or for cooking, or for introducing some LiveJournalites to something absinthesque.
I already offered to scour the archives in another thread. So I like that idea.

1. I like.

2. I like.

3. Why not just give an unconditional Fée Verte stamp of approval... we shouldn't compromise, that would be something to expect from all those absinth sites. When the bar inches up, so will our standards. A few cherished absinthes will fall out of contention, a few will stay, but I'm positive more will arrive on the scene that earn a kiss from la fée verte.

4. Of course.
Donnie Darko
I don't think there should be an allowance for HG talk. There's enough of that going on other places. I think talking about large scale manufacturing process would be fine though.
Donnie Darko
Another idea I had was to add a restaurant review page. It seems as of late there are several Absinthe themed restaurants popping up, and I thought it might be a cool resource for anybody looking to find out which ones in which areas are good and which ones are shit.

And I suppose another good resource for forumites who travel would be a comprehensive listing of bars/liquor stores around the world that serve/sell Absinthe.

The original reviews are certainly obsolete but new ones might be hard to come by.

Exactly. I'm not about to buy a bottle of crap just to rate it. I don't know how this problem will be overcome.

My own four cents:

There is no room here for HG talk, and it's probably not going to happen because it puts the people who matter most (Head, Kallisti, Oxy) too much at risk.

Bar reviews are a good idea.

The old stuff should be archived so people can access it.

It doesn't matter how an absinthe is made - the result is the only thing that matters.
I agree , rating HG is a waste of time and why bother . There is not that much of it and it can't be compared, controlled or repeated easily
so why review it.
As Grim mentioned, I did steal my idea from him and others, so you can't give me credit.

I think low end reviews need to be done, especially with the new reviewing system. It will also reduce the amount of, "How about _____" posts. A review is much better than no review and the suggesting to just stick with the top few.
Wheres Hartsmar? He can do it.
I really like the idea of a more balanced review system. Looking back at when La fee came out, everyone was happy to have something drinkable, then UE came out and everyone was excited for it and La fee fell to the way side, same thing with Fou and Jades. With what appears to be a golden time in modern absinthe a balanced review system is needed.
All others may fall by the wayside, but Serpis remains. harhar.gif

And I still think some way of distinguishing the pre-renaissance from the more modern would be helpful. Perhaps rankings within price ranges would be more useful?
QUOTE (Kirk @ Jan 31 2005, 11:37 AM)
rating HG is a waste of time and why bother...

I agree. I never said anything about rating HG, and ordering them in a manner akin to the commercial buyer's guide would be bullshit, and disrespectful.

Point taken, Artemis.
The opportunity to BUY HG is becoming rarer, and rarer anyway, which is as it SHOULD be. Most HGers are in it for the love of the beverage, not for the money involved, and have every reason to wish to stay under the potential radar.
You guys realize there's a whole forum dedicated to discussing HG, right? It's not absinthe, but the distilling is a much more serious offense than the absinthe.
Regarding the reviews being outdated, I pretty much have the same problem omn my site.

One idea could be to simply add a date of the review along with it.

I have plenty left of many "old goodies" that could be re-reviewed, but I'm not sure I want to go through that... sleepy.gif

Another point could be to add some form of information along with the brand being reviewed, such as when it was released and by whom. That would tell a lot comparing dates and information with others. All that, and the fact the people would actually have to think for them selves and not be total idiots. Things change, and in our case - at least the last year - to the better.

Re-reviewing some of the really abysmal oldies seems like a waste of time, given the neo-evolution of absinthe during the last three years, or so, especially given that this forum has always been at the forefront of the revival. It would be tantamount to members of wasting bandwidth with reviews of the various lite beers.

That being said (with a nod to the Grand Lizard), there are far worse offenders out there than La Fee, which honestly does fill a niche, when one is in the mood for that particular flavor.

Absinths like Ulex, Absinthe King, and Perrigan, just to cite three, on the other hand...
But there are shitty absinthes out there that have been given biased reviews.

Perhaps just a generic, nondescript review for a bad absinthe? Something along the lines of:

This absinthe(-e), authentic as it may seem, is actually in fact, bad to very bad. I mean look at it, we didn't even bother to write a custom review for it it's so bad. We strongly advise you to stay away from this brand. However if you do decide that you would like to try it anyways, don't say we didn't warn you. At least one or more of the following statements may or may not apply to this absinthe(-e). In the order of increasing likelihood to decreasing likelihood.
It tastes like burning dog hair.
Would be good for window cleaning
Will burn well
Good for degreasing engines
There are flakes of absolutely putrid tasting (are those plants?) in it
It's Black.
It costs way too much money, spend it elsewhere.
Please allow 4-6 weeks of anticipation before finally drinking this garbage.
It looks like, tastes like, and probably is the mystery juice at the bottom of a pile of garbage, triple distilled, bleached, and then colored green and sold for $200 to you, the consumer.
Where's the louche?

Or you could make your own!

Seriously, avoid this absinthe(-e).
Sounds great, except a lot of people would apply it to Serpis. That, and it has all the class of A Night at Smuttty's.

The old reviews are already written. They're part of the FV heritage. Adding dates and a wee bit of history should put them in perspective for the thinking types.

The non-thinking types will be obsessed with the thujone content anyway and not buy the good stuff, so who cares?
QUOTE (traineraz @ Jan 31 2005, 04:37 PM)
That, and it has all the class of A Night at Smutty's.


You have a problem with that?
QUOTE (traineraz @ Jan 31 2005, 03:37 PM)
The non-thinking types will be obsessed with the thujone content anyway and not buy the good stuff, so who cares?

Ain't that the truth...
QUOTE (Hiram @ Jan 31 2005, 02:37 PM)
You guys realize there's a whole forum dedicated to discussing HG, right?  It's not absinthe, but the distilling is a much more serious offense than the absinthe.

My two cents go back and rate all the crappy old brands we used to drink. That way there is a direct comparison to the new stuff.

As Master Po on Kung fu used to say: But Grasshopper, without evil how would one know good.
I agree in theory, but who among us is going to do that? Actually, I would be willing to do reviews for an ass-ort-ment of crapsinthes, but I can't see buying them. Those members who still have bottles of various absinths probably have no interest in revisiting them.
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