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Full Version: Vintage Whisky?
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HI all,

I recently came into posession of 2 bottles of Canadian Club blended whisky that happen to be over 40 years old. I can verify this because the excise tax labels are intact and the bottles are still sealed.

I am not a whisky drinker and know absoutely nothing about it. I appeal to the educated on this site to tell me whether or not "vintage" whisky is any good. Does it get better with age, no change, turn to swill????

I know for a fact that they have been stored in a wine cellar all their life (I got them when I bought out the cellar at an estate sale) so the climate has been controlled.

Any information or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
When my Grandfather passed away
he had cases of CC and other such
brands of whiskey given to him by
long time customers of his Texaco
service station. Most of them dating
back to the 60's.

They spent 30 odd years in a nice cool
basement. They did not age or get

They made fine mixers though.
Head, I had exactly the opposite experience.

When my Dad died last year, we were clearing out his things and ran across some open bottles scotch, whiskey and bourbon which had smoothed out, mellowed and generally gotten very mellow.

It may have to do with having been opened??? Even some scary OLD GRANDDAD lost its edge....
I would imagine aged Canadian Club wouldn't get any better as it sucked to begin with.

I recently had some 40's ish Old Charter and it was gloriously smooth. I suspect although it was gloriously smooth in the 40's.

As a rule, if it is unopened or resealed well it is fine.
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