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Full Version: Book that ought to read the faq
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D. Gray
This may be old news, but has anyone seen this book?
It might be an interesting read... frusty.gif
The synopsis certainly is not encouraging. I guess it's all about tripping balz™ after all.
Absinthe produced a sense of euphoria and a heightening of the senses, similar to the effect of cocaine and opium, but was addictive and caused a rapid loss of mental and physical faculties.

Well, at least opium isn't addictive and doesn't cause a rapid loss of mental and physical faculties.

Dodged that bullet!
"Write the first customer review of this item."

There could be some fun to have yet.
I was thinking the same thing.
Lord Stanley
Tell them to PTFA.
Too bad Squertz is busy, he'd have a good review. harhar.gif
I wasn't thinking of doing a review. I found the link "Correct errors on this page" more interesting. Then I realized my amazon account wouldn't let me delete the page. Damn it.

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