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Full Version: Ted the Titan Arum
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Tonight after work we went to see a blooming "corpse flower", (Amorphophallus titanum) named Ted at the Conservatory of Flowers.

Apparently it smelled worse yesterday when it was desperately trying to attract beetles with the smell of rotting flesh. Tonight I was a little disappointed that it only smelled like a giant piece of Limburger cheese.
Perhaps Kyle could use some of that in his absinth. I bet it'd be a great addition to the whole stocks in the bottle.
The blooming of a corpse flower is a rare (and smelly) event, for which persons have traveled long distances to witness. Maybe one day...
My wife and I saw a variety at the Zoo a few years ago. Most people when told "Hey, it smells like rotting flesh in there" would take your word for it.

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More cleavage! w00t2.gif
Don't you have enough at home?
Translation: What about your wife?

I meant HIS.
Too much cleavage is never enough! LARS!.gif
Donnie Darko
I saw one of those at the botanical gardens in Frankfurt, Germany. And smelled it. It smells like a cross between foot fungus and Logan Fils.
Cleavage? I know what you mean! And with chest hair it’s the worst!

Something about those German women and their Samstag Schwammbads and razor phobias... wink.gif
...and scheisseporn. poop.gif
The Standard Deviant
I have seen that type of flower at Kew Gardens in London.

I'm not really adding anything worthwhile to this thread. Or forum. Damn.
We became interested in the corpse flower because we narrowly missed (by a week or two) seeing one TWICE at Kew Gardens.

I am a huge fan of botanical gardens, and Kew is fantastic. I especially love the Princess of Wales conservatory.

My other favorite botanical garden is the Fairchild Tropical gardens in Coconut Grove, FL. They had a corpse flower internet cam a couple of years ago with (if I recall correctly) 3 corpse flowers in various states of bloom.
I wonder how many liters THAT bloom could flavor . . .
The Standard Deviant
King of Rotten Flesh, and for the connoisseur™, King of Rotten Flesh Gold.

Everyone should go to Kew at least once in their life. It's amazing. Beyond words.
QUOTE (Absomphe @ Jun 1 2005, 01:15 PM)
More cleavage! w00t2.gif

Dude! Spoken like a true alpha male!
Wow! did I blow that one! Time to sign off now!
There's a Titan Arum in bloom now at the US Botanic Garden in Washington D.C. They have some cool time-lapse videos at the
US Botanic Garden website.

QUOTE(absinthespoon @ Jun 1 2005, 06:55 AM) *

Tonight after work we went to see a blooming "corpse flower", (Amorphophallus titanum) named Ted at the Conservatory of Flowers.

"Ted"!! Just another sell-out, overrated, overpriced, commercially-grown flower.
I could name a dozen hausgeplantes here who grow better flowers in their own backyard.
He's an easy target.
I like the guy but I don't keep up on every word he writes.
All the Player Haters dwell on every word he says like he is a Deity or something.
Ted's just a guy and
an artist.
If people thought of Ted as just a guy maybe they wouldn't follow him around so much.
I'll admit he shows the chinks in his armor when he comes out in public but
he's just a guy and
an artist.
Wild Bill Turkey
Yes that was funny, but you should be placed under hausgarrest.
harhar.gif Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
grey boy
Back when I had faith in love I lived with a boyfriend who just purchased a house near Portland Oregon. After a year of living there, this crazy-looking flower popped outta the dirt along the north wall near the front steps. It kept growing and growing, it got fairly tall, and then it blossomed into the most strange looking, foul-smelling thing I have ever sniffed in my life (with the exception of a bloated dead skunk I ran over with my Oldsmobile one time in August).

It was one of these Dracunculous Vulgaris things:

It attracted flies like nobody's business - we had a house FULL of flies, and the flower, just beneath the window, stunk up the house so bad we had to stifle in the heat rather than open that window (no A/C). The thought of running it over with the lawnmower occurred to me but... just LOOK at it. It's too spooky and other-worldy looking to kill. It looks like Yoda should be sitting under it.

So what kind of person decides to grow corpse-stinking flowers right next to their house? In a botanical garden is one thing, but next to your front steps?? I think the last owners of this house planted this thing as a joke.
"After a while, my brain just dripped out of my ears"

No shit, Outer Limits, you're preaching to the converted.
biggrin.gif I got the hint Asphomphe, I'm not allowed to poke sticks at vested members. I'll just fade away and lurk.

Forgive my stupidity.
If you insist. harhar.gif
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