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Full Version: vintage pastis
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Would a vintage pastis be worth buying? I wouldnt pay to much for a pastis but I dont know if I would enjoy it. I do like a nice pastis when i cant get Absinthe.
grey boy
Judging by the one that I had the chance to try
I'd say yes.
The c. 1937 Berger pastis is very, very nice ... for a pastis. I still have quite a nice sample thanks to a certain Swedish visitor! abs-cheers.gif
Yes, I tasted that - it's very good.
It would depend on what it is... Yes the 1937 Berger is a nice pastis indeed!

I have a 1955 Pernod 45 which is EXACTLY identical to the modern Pernod Pastis available today. So - that one wouldn't really be worth much apart from keeping the bottle cause it looks nice.

There are many others of course and some might be really good. Just as there are many good (and many many bad) pastis' available today.

Actually the I was looking to buy the 1955 pernod 45. The bottle is in excellent shape. It has been in a nice cellar since it was bought in the 50's. I asked Oxy what i should pay so I am going to give $100 for it. I think that is fair considering the bottle is in good shape. I doubt I will drink it since it is the same as what I can get today. I really prefer Herbsaint over Pernod. Maybe because it is readily available here. Thanks for the advice. abs-cheers.gif
It's too bad Pernod 45 is so vile. The Pastis 51, also from Pernod-Ricard, is actually not too bad, at least IMO.
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