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Full Version: Una Castana Absenta
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Got this a while ago. Not yet exactly dated but working on it.

The distillery, Ricardo Menor C. B is still in business but the only one speaking english there had a vocabulary of approximately 56 words. Didn't help much. At least I know that they made Absenta from 1924 up to 1987. I haven't tried it yet, but might do that one day.

Just thought I'd share some photos...

and the back...

tax seal... This might be a hint about its age. Given that this is not a standard tax seal going over the cork. Which might date it pre 1970's or earlier.. Have yet to look into that...

and finally the cork and seal...
QUOTE (hartsmar @ Aug 6 2005, 12:31 PM)
and finally the cork and seal...

Looks great.
Lord Stanley
I saw the auction for that bottle a while back. I didn't bid because I had promised the person who told me about it that I wouldn't. I couldn't find any substantial information about that brand.
Judging but the color it would appear to be naturally colored, I am betting it is very tasty.
Thanks for posting the photos!

Yes, that was the little mystery eBay item I had mentioned a while back. Hartsmar had already seen it, too. I was mostly just curious about its history, so when he said that he had already tried contacting the bottle's owner to get more info I was happy to step aside and not bid on it - knowing that he would share what he learns with the rest of us.

After looking at the pictures, I did a little search to see if I could find any further information about revenue stamps, hoping to help narrow down the date a little. I didn't have much luck, but I did find one interesting link (not absinthe related) about old bottles, corks, and wax seals.

Old Bottles Link

Nice find, Hartsmar.

I hope you will get more information about this Absenta.
So, I finally got around to extract the contents of the bottle…

Either it was not a very good absenta to begin with, or the content wasn't authentic. If so, the one doing the "job" was veeeery good since there wasn't even one tiny trace of anything being tampered with.

That in mind, I believe it wasn't that good from the start. It didn't louche any more than Hill's does, though it tasted less chemical. It didn't taste good enough for me to finish the glass though.

Sad, but true.

Yeah, I was so sad I had to go fix myself a glass of 1915 Legler Pernod instead…

In that case, I don't feel that sorry for you - -
QUOTE (hartsmar @ Sep 16 2005, 12:29 AM)
Yeah, I was so sad I had to go fix myself a glass of 1915 Legler Pernod instead…


i loathe you…

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