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Full Version: Absinthe: Sip of Seduction
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Any here read it? If so, is it worth the price at I have paroused through "History in a bottle" and I don't think there is much I would take a second glance for in it. Any pictures of modern or vintage absinthe related material in SoS? More so than in HIAB I mean?
Are you sure you tried the Search feature?

no, but since there really is no other threads on the general discussion board that are stealing away people's time, I thought I would go over it once again.
Well, to answer your question, there are plenty of nice photos in SoS. Both of bottles and other absinthiana.

Thanks captain.
Welcome, Tenille.
Somebody get me a gun!
QUOTE (traineraz @ Aug 19 2005, 10:03 PM)
Welcome, Tenille.

Those two are SO...

Oh, nevermind.
I think the word you may be looking for is Cheesy......
I have that book, it's a good read. It talks about the history in some depth, has pics of posters and postcards and discusses them. It profiles some past and present imbibers like Van Gogh and Wilde and marilyn manson and Depp. Has photos and reviews of about 10 bottles and has some weird recepies in it that i'm skerd to try. I prolly wouldn't buy it again, but maybe hang out at the book store and read it. Takes about 20min. Oh and it talks about the ways to drink it and does include no-czechs3.gif viking_emoticon.gif but if I remember right it does say that's a neo-faux way of messing up your drink invented by modern perveyors of poop.gif

Hope that helps
QUOTE (Gordon @ Aug 20 2005, 12:07 PM)
I think the word you may be looking for is Cheesy......

Um, yes, but um, no.
Speaking of cheesey....

I have a brand new copy of "Absinthe- History in a Bottle".
I bought one and got another as a gift.
If anyone is interested send me a PM.

[Infomercial End]
I have purchased both books at the same time, and I will say this- HIAB is definitely more informational that SoS. While being somewhat lacking on the pictures of absinthiana as compared to SoS, covers a broader spectrum of the history of absinthe, and covers in greater detail what Butty discusses in her book. If you still want to experience both, buy Conrad's book then go to Butty's site, view the pictures and read her diatribe about how risky it is to import absinthe into the United States, and you'll get the same experience.
totally agree. Also, "A Myth Always Green" is a lot more informative than SoS. Not as fancy and glossy, but very well worth every penny.
If their are a couple of things in any book not elswhere, for me it's worth getting.
The joys of information addiction!
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