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Full Version: Profanity-Rap versus extreme opera
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la mort tchèque
So, which is more contraversial, profane, etc. Avante garde opera or rap?

I'd say opera. Christian fundimentalists do not lobby the british goverment to ban rap videos, but when it comes to opera, they unite. Click on the music. It's great. A dictionary of english profanity. How often do you get to hear fucking crack whore set to music?

Bieto is also amazing.
Hahaha …
Like Classical Music has any redeeming social value…. harhar.gif

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The Standard Deviant
Jerry Springer The Opera is brilliant. Sheer genius.

Most of those fundamentalists campaigning against showing it on television admitted not to have seen the opera themselves. It currently holds the record of the programme containing the most swearwords aired on tv in the UK.

When the campaigners calculated the number of swearwords, they counted groups of people singing a swearword at the same time as their individual members. Despite this vast over-estimate being wrong, the show still had the most swearwords ever.
la mort tchèque
If you take Jazz or Mamsteen's contribution to rock, etc., you find that many modern traditions derive the original inspiration from classical music. I don't see classical music having any more social value as any other forum of music, but classical music can get away with stuff ganster rap can't.

BBC aired Jerry Springer, which I agree was sheer genius. If it was rap video, chances are, it would not air on BBC. Maybe late at night on an MTV equvalent.

Bieto is my favorite producer. The stuff this guy does….
la mort tchèque…,703376,00.html
"Bieito makes constant reference to cinema in describing the hedonistic nihilism he is seeking to evoke: to Almodovar, Kubrick, Bunuel and a recent Spanish hit, Iglesias's The Day of the Beast"
"For Bieito the story makes absolute sense in modern terms. "The Commendatore," he says, "is a violent man who runs his own cocktail bar and is going to fight with this fucking Don Giovanni because he has tried to seduce his daughter: it's the kind of fight you can find every weekend in the cities of Europe" I love this guy, he's right on.

Financial Times review of the opera, escape from Seragello

Bassa Selim is lord of a brothel, rather than a harem, and keeps Konstanza on a leash in a cage. Bieito has decided Mozart's opera is about prostitution and the slave trade, and he has hired real hookers to prove it. The opera opens with Osmin using one. He sings his first aria naked in the shower, giving his genitals a good scrub. Later he urinates in a glass and forces Blonde to drink it. Then, while Konstanza sings "Martern aller Arten", he hacks up a whore with a knife, finally offering the soprano a pair of bloodied, severed nipples. No wonder she shoots herself at the end."
The Abduction from the Seraglio in Berlin. "When the prostitutes were massacred on stage I had to leave," said an angry official from Komische Oper's chief sponsor Daimler-Chrysler
The problem with Jerry Springer is that most gainfully employed people have never seen him, he playing in the early afternoon.

I was lucky to have the kind of injury that forced me to stay at home, and the very first time I saw him I was awed. His wide-eyed look, right between amusement and amazement, was perfect.

Jerry Springer was an opera in itself.

Later, I laughed to tears when his show was accused of "staging the fights". No shit, Sherlock.

Next thing we know, we will be informed that professional wrestling is "staged". Or that the Irak war was "staged".


That's so wonderfully paleopagan, kinda like Uruk…

Thanks, O!
la mort tchèque
Interesting. Irak is a different word in Arabic than Iraq. Like Arak and Araq. Araq means deepest, most profound "Araq Al-Houzni" the most profound of sadness. Araq Al-Arak Jinoona Iraq. Or in classical Arabic Araqoo Al-Arakoo Jinoona Iraqi. Deeper than Arak is the insanity of Iraq. Arabic is such a metaphorical language, sounds so funny in English.

Uruk sounds so Turkish. Paleopagan Turkish archeological finds in Konaki are interesting
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