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Full Version: Non-Destructive Tagging
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The Standard Deviant
Non-Destructive Tagging
The Standard Deviant
la mort tchèque
Fascinating… so it's your artwork?
The Standard Deviant
Hey… I'd given up on anyone replying to this thread.

I came up with the concept of Non-Destructive Tagging, yes. The idea is that is it positive graffiti, with the hope that maybe people will see the tags and either rescue the artwork if they like it, or it will disappear the next time there is rain. I was also hoping to get people who wouldn't normally produce any art to get their ideas out there in the world.

It is an ongoing project, and I should be doing it in Copenhagen, Berlin, and Paris over the next few weeks. If anyone on here does any tags, do send in some photos and I'll put them up on the website. If you can't find any tags or don't have time to make the tags, I can post some to you.

C.O.W.A.R.D is a little art collective which I formed a few years ago, but only recently has it started to pick up momentum.

la mort tchèque… not a philistine.
People don't like it when they
gotta think and stuff.
And you call yourself "Deviant".
Well, you still call yourself a Nostril, Mr. Pot Kettle. harhar.gif
la mort tchèque
Thought is a beautiful thing. Post modern art. Fascianting concept.
The Standard Deviant
The Newgate Calendar and Art & Philosophical Sundries sections are evidence that the users here don't mind thinking. Perhaps politics doesn't count because it doesn't take all that much effort to argue about the present situation, whatever happens to be going on at the time.

Art should make you think, or feel.
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