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Full Version: Absinthe Festivals in Pontalier & Boveresse (VdT)
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Legler-Pernod-mini.gif Hello fellow Absintheurs! spoon.gif

It's been quite a while since I've visited this forum.
It's on one hand great to see that Absinthe has grown in popularity but also sad that so many misconceptions about it still remain from the general public.
I know for a fact there are at least 59 million idiots in the United States so...What can you do? frusty.gif

Anyway, on to my question.... viking_emoticon.gif

I am planing on visiting Pontalier & Val d' Travers next year in June and hopefully attendthe Fete L'Absinthe in
Boveresse Suisse. & I was wondering if any of you have ever attended or are planing to attend next year or have any advice, info recommendation on the area?
I'm going to be with 4 other adults and 2 kids driving around in either a camper or a Minivan and want to actually stay in the area a night or two as well. + hopefully picking up some of the homemade blue-Gold! now that it's legal....(I'm sure there are distillers coming out of the hills like cows! but if anyone knows anybody in particular that offers great product at a fair price I'd love to hear about it)
I would love to be able to bring back about a case worth of various labels from the region. Commerical and homemade if possible. LARS!.gif
I know that Madame Delahaye & Ted Breaux (hope I spelled those right) have both attended in the past & I would certianly love to meet and speak with them if they will be there again next year.
I know Ted frequents this web site & lives in the New Orleans area so I would like to say to him directly that I hope he made it through Hurricane Katrina OK... shock.gif

Again, Thanks in Advance to any & all who can tell me anything about the festivals (links below)
& I wish you all the best......
Oh, BTW.... My signature below is from a song I wrote & demoed about our dear Green Fairy Called "Opaline"
Not the most original tune music wise but the lyrics are something I'm still proud of.... I'll try to post a link to it so that some of you might be able to tell me what you think.... (preferably after you are 3 louches to the wind! hahaha!) abs-cheers.gif

The Rev. Fredie V.
Hello Reverend Fredie, enjoy the commotion and take part in the gutbucket ranting...

Boveresse, fête d'absinthe

Pierreverte & Oxy go to Pontarlier...

Edit: dig the lyrics too, by the way.
Thanks Grim....anyone else? absintheglass-glow2.gif
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