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Full Version: Drunk Dialed
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That was the most efficient drunk dial

We're here, we're drunk, put Kallisti
on the phone. Ok, see yah, bye!

Much laughter in the background through out.

If I had not wanted to be interrupted,
I would have to say that was also the
most considerate drunk dial.

You guys can drunk dial us whenever you like.
I had a message from them on my cell phone; unfortunately I was working and didn’t have it on me. It sounds like they’re having a blast. Just like a Louchefest, except without the violence and cross-dressing. Give ‘em time though, it was still before 1am. absintheglass-glow2.gif
Awww, jealous! I want to be drunk dialed by Peter and Co!
I'm glad the lads are having fun.
Like Dr. Steel, hatching their own
World Domination plans, I'm sure of it.

…and now most things are back to "normal".
How about some pictures?
I'm pretty sure photos will show up eventually. Hartsmar has alot of them.

For you guys who knows me:

(…which is Swedish for: "Thanks alot for the great time in Pontarlier, guys! I had a blast!")

For you guys who doesn't know me:
I'm by no means an absinthe-expert. However, I do live a couple of hundred meters away from Hartsmar, which means I've tried ALOT of different absinthes. I went down to Pontarlier with him, and like I said above, had a blast.

Oh, and Zman… Here you go, I promised you these:
abs-cheers.gif abs-cheers.gif abs-cheers.gif

Delurking finally! Welcome mate!

Yes, photos will be posted shortly. I just need to sort out which to post out of the little more than 100 photos.
Welcome yet another Scandi-mobster! abs-cheers.gif
Now this forum is certainly borked.
QUOTE (hartsmar @ Oct 5 2005, 10:44 AM)
I just need to sort out which to post out of the little more than 100 photos.

Post them all and save yourself some work.
Donnie Darko
QUOTE (BORK! @ Oct 5 2005, 10:40 AM)

I'm by no means an absinthe-expert. However, I do live a couple of hundred meters away from Hartsmar, which means I've tried ALOT of different absinthes. I went down to Pontarlier with him, and like I said above, had a blast.

Welcome Bork!

Wow, what a great way to be introduced to Absinthe.

Now get back in that kitchen and cook me a Gobbla Gobbla Humonga!
A brief trip report and photos, now up here.
grey boy
The Village People are awesome!
That Le Train Bleu looks like a decent place to eat!

Always with the sausages!

Thanks for the welcomes, guys. I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay here.

Always with the sausages!

Mmmm… Yes, those sausages were delicious…
Excellent trip report.
Great report Oxy ! Thank you !
I only wish I was there, specially after seeing the pics frusty.gif
The Standard Deviant
With luck I shall attend one day. Had I not been otherwise engaged, I would have this year. It looks like you had a proper saucisson fest.
A few photos now then. I'll set up a Pontarlier-trip section at my website with most of the photos I took there… Here's some until then.

Drinking absinthe in a café with fountain and all. It had to be payed though…

(Gertz and BORK! paying for drinks)
Painted outside, by the entrance to the pharmacy.
Can I have… ummm.. .two of those?

This is high up on a shelf in the Francois Guy distillery. Wonder if there's fennel in whatever's in those two bottles…
Made in Pontarlier for Alandia. I'll leave out the comments for now. Review forthcoming.

A few glasses of really nice absinthe starts off a good night.

(Antibes bar employee, BORK!, Antibes bar owner and Zman by the table)
And then off to drunk dial…

(Zman, Oxygénée and Pierreverte drunkdialling)
The Kirk Wormwood Leaf spoon in action
Two outstanding authors… Marie-Claude and Benoit.

At jury duty…

(Nicolas the guitarplayer, old french fart, Antibes bar employee and Hartsmar at one of the jury tables)
…with a lot of absinthe to try. Sadly - many really bad ones.
did I hear "The hills are alive… with the sound of muuuuusic"?

view from the Chalet

Great ! I want more w00t2.gif
Donnie Darko
More! What were the results of the tasting (as in who came in after Kubler and Clandestine)?
Gertz didn't do himself justice in that self-portrait he painted that looked like Beavis - he's actually not a bad looking guy. BORK looks like the Nords I've been killing in Morrowind.
Well, let me see if I can remember the winners…

There were 22 entries in total, divided in 2 for two jury groups (I know, stupid and not at all a very bright thing to do, but that's what they did).

There were three categories:

1. Oil mixes
2. Distilled absinthes - jury group 1
3. Distilled absinthes - jury group 2

The results (a bit hazy) go something like this:

Oil mixes:

1. Deniset
2. Absinthe des Alpes
3. L'Amesinthe

Distilled absinthes Jury 1:

1. Kübler 45 (note that it has been altered for fench market…)
2. Un Emile 45 (I think)
3. Versinthe La Blanche

Distilled absinthe Jury 2:

1. Clandesine La Bleue (also altered for French market)
2. Blanche de verte (or something odd like that.) from Devoille.
3. Libertine Amer

an outrage I'd say given that there were other absinthes that would clearly get better results if there was more knowledgeable people there.

Also, I can tell as a side note that the louche has indeed been worked on in the new Emile Pernot absithes. Still a little thin but much better.

I purchased a bottle of Partisane (Alandia) and a bottle of the Libertine Amer before I had tasted them in the Absinthiades bar. Dumb thing to do.
Here they are, revealed after the scoring was done and the winners were presented.

The absinthes entered in the competition (from right to left) was:

Jury 1:

1. Un Emile 45%
2. Absinthe des Alpes
3. Deniset K.
4. L'Amesinthe
5. Kübler 45
6. Un Emile 68
7. Partisane
8. Versinthe La Blanche
9. Blanche de Fougerolles
10. Libertine 72
11. Lemercier Abisinthe amer

Jury 2:

12. Versinthe
13. Can't remember…
14. Francois Guy
15. Libertine 55
16. Clandestine La Bleue
17. Un Emile La Blanche
18. Moulin Verte
19. Blanche de Verte (still can't remember exact name)
20. Pernod 68
21. Jade Nouvelle Orléans
22. Libertine 72 Amer

…and here's the photo I forgot…

QUOTE (hartsmar @ Oct 7 2005, 12:43 PM)
…and here's the photo I forgot…

If Heaven exists…. THAT's what I want the bar to look like…..
it might look good, but let me assure you the taste of 70% of those was nothing I'd do over again. (And nothing I hadn't done before…)

Only too late did I realize that the Libertine Amer and the Partisane was NOT something I should have bought.
The winners make me think of the same problem other judging contests have. The judges have a pastis palette and so the more pastis absinthes win. If UE45 was anywhere near the top with all those other choices, something went wrong. Quite interesting (if you are correct and it's second) that it beat out the 68.
QUOTE (Artemis @ Oct 7 2005, 08:53 AM)
BORK looks like the Nords I've been killing in Morrowind.

Eh? Thanks?
user posted image

Not all the Nords have the blue tatoos on their faces - I had more in mind this guy:

But who am I to talk, in that game, I have a tail!

the NERD factor is HIGH!

oh! wait-- shit! i'm posting on an absinthe forum!

(it must be the pot calling the kettle and all of that…)

OK, more pics.

This is a drink called absinthe. It is, as you can see, often served with sugar.

user posted image
A cosy corner at the Emile Pernot distillery.

user posted image
Ceramic fountains and pitchers from Val-de-Travers, on sale at the Absinthiades.

user posted image
Misty morning in the Jura.

user posted image
A famous family name among those carved into the walls of the fondue place.

user posted image
Say cheese.

user posted image
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