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Full Version: Faked Carafes
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For those to whom it's not already obvious:

The following carafes recently listed on are all fakes:

Terminus Bottle

Terminus Carafe

Berger Carafe

Amez Droz Carafe

In all cases the engraving on the glass is modern.
Perhaps someone who is knowledgeable in these matters should let know that there is a scoundrel trying to rip people off?
Hmmm.. harhar.gif
The Standard Deviant
It's good of you to give people the heads up.

Are those acid etched, and what would the result of old etching techniques look like?
The etching technique would be similar then and now.
A knowledgeable collector like Oxy uses many clues to spot a fake, sometimes the only clue is a gut feeling based on prior knowledge.
Re-etching of carafes or fountains to increase their value is absolutely rampant in France at the moment. These four are just the tip of the iceberg - there are at least another 20 similarly faked variants, usually with the names of Swiss-based absinthe distillers. Fountains are being "enhanced" like this as well - typically the branding for Absinthe Bailly or Absinthe Oxygenee is added.

Aside from the essential impossibility of a whole range of etched carafes from nearly two dozen brands suddenly appearing on the market, all chanelled through the same handful of Swiss collectors, the carafes are stylistically all wrong. The lettering used to create these fakes has quite obviously been digitised from old invoices or labels.

What's very unfortunate, is that MCD inexplicably listed half a dozen of these carafes as genuine in her "Dictionnaire des Marques A-B" book, which has given them an entirely unjustified veneer of respectabilty: everyone knows they are fakes, but unscrupulous collectors and dealers can now point to MCD's book and act shocked….shocked….if their authenticity is questioned.
P.T. Barnum would have loved ebay. frusty.gif
too bad…. I have no problem with repro.s if they are either stated so or it's obvious……

but christ…. one of those was going for over a hundred euros….. ridiculous…..

I just bought this one:…AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1
off Ebay which I know is not a vintage one or anything…. I just liked it and thought it made a nice looking modern set.

btw anyone know a source for repro pyrogenes?

that doesn't try to come off like they are selling something Dega lit up a stogie with or charge more than like $40 bucks?

ie: bullshit like this…..…1QQcmdZViewItem
Wild Bill Turkey
Fredie, that guy in Hawaii that sold you your cobalt-colored glass and carafe set? He's been selling all kinds of glasses and carafes that aren't really absinthe glasses or carafes. I've been watching him for awhile. Sugar tongs cut apart and sold as absinthe spoons, etc.
Obviously you know what you're buying, and like you say, if it appeals to you, who cares if it's originally meant for absinthe. ( though that dark blue glass keeps you from watching your louche )

Did you notice that he's selling two brass spigots that are "Too big for my project" ? Care to guess who's busy right now trying to make a fake absinthe fountain?
They should stick to making beautiful aloha shirts.

QUOTE (Fredie @ Oct 10 2005, 04:04 PM)
too bad…. I have no problem with repro.s if they are either stated so or it's obvious……

but christ…. one of those was going for over a hundred euros….. ridiculous…..

The carafes are not repros sold as genuine, they are outright fakes - there are no genuine carafes in existence with these markings.

I picked an identical Cassis pyrogene around the year 2000 for ten dollars in a local shop.

As mint as it looks, and having seen quite a few just like it, I figured it was a repro. (Something about it just looks too new to me)

Would there be that many dead mint Cassis strikers showing up?
There is one on ebay now with it's box, that tends to confirm my suspicions.…1QQcmdZViewItem

Wild Bill Turkey
The item description in that ebay listing says that the box says "Made in Japan".
I think that about says it…
You're absolutely right, the matchstriker is a repro. There are genuine Cassis Quenot strikers floating around in absolutely mint condition, which originate from unused manufacturer's stock, but their design is different to this one, and the quality of the porcelain is different.

Like the blue Royer Hutin striker, this was probably made as a novelty item in the 1960's.
That's cool dude…..

and hey…… I'd gladly pay 100% mark up over what Greeny paid….. if I could just FIND one….

BTW there's another Cassis one on there now with a Buy it now over $200.00

the nerve…… frusty.gif
The Standard Deviant
In 100 years someone will make fake La Fée plastic jugs.
Anyone know where I can get a striker copy for cheap?

I like them but I don't want to pay $$ for a real one.
What Greenmeanie said!!!
And now the same seller is selling a Terminus fontain at 4000€ (using Buy It Now) :…itemZ6216519699
Donnie Darko
Must have gotten busted, it's not there now…
try here :
Wild Bill Turkey
He says he can guarantee it's genuine because he has two of them. How could one be fake if I have two?
Perfect logic.
He faked the base as well…. gee glass & metal worker…… such a busy little bee evill.gif
Donnie Darko
That link worked. I'd wager that fountain is authentic, or at least from comparing it to photos on Oxy's site it appears to be the real deal, although perhaps the center column isn't original, as those lines aren't visible in Oxy's picture.
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