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Full Version: A Myth Always Green
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I don't know.

I was asked privately and was getting ready to respond, are you blind - it's right here on the website?

But it's not, and when I asked, here is the reply I got:

The book has been completely sold out for the last 6 months, and Peter expressly asked me to remove all references to it on both Fee Verte and the Virtual Absinthe Museum because he was tired of being bugged for copies.

I suppose this is good news, as Peter invested a lot of his own money in that project, and as far as I know has yet to see any profit out of it. He tried to get it placed at Amazon, but they wouldn't take it because it's not an "American" book. Their loss.
under books in french (livres en francais), though it's written in english:…2718456-9523408
Good for Peter!

I'm glad I've got my copy.
Wild Bill Turkey
Well, I've just ordered it from the above link to
We'll see if it shows!
Thanks for helping me find it!
le Gimp
Great book!
That's one I've been wanting since it was published.
um…. and you didn't buy it…?
Stupid, yes? frusty.gif I know, I know… In my aquiring of Absinthe related literature that's one I hadn't got to yet. I'll just have to keep my eyes open, and put it higher on the priority list.
Buy it from the link above. It's something like $12…
Written by a Frenchman, translated (poorly) into Italian, rewritten by Americans, and published in Spain. For sale at the Louvre. Think global, drink local.
OW! That makes my head hurt.
headbonk.gif guillotine.gif

There you go, Greenie…

Does that make your head feel better? evill.gif
wacko.gif yes.gif
I'm going to be selling my copy on ebay for around $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. It is an antique and has been signed by the authors and is the only scratch and sniff version available.

(May or may not be an antique, be signed by the authors or be a scratch and sniff version.)

gun thug.gif
If you start it at a penny, who knows how many bids you'll rack up? w00t2.gif
The Standard Deviant
. . .
Nice composite, Deviant.

It's the real me.
My mother took my copy of this book from me!
That's what you get for using it as spank material.

You make bunny feel dirty.
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