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Full Version: Hasher's Delirium
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Hello again all. I wanted to share this with you, although I'm sure it is in the archives somewhere(I could not find it myself). Searching for spooky old movies for my wedding I came across this old cartoon, "Hasher's Delirium" by Emile Cohl 1910. It is pretty crude but the message gets across. Wine, alcohol, and absinthe are spelled out on the screen to the imagery of devils, fires, and other assorted of oddness. All the while a strange little man(the hasher) reels and freaks out. I was a bit shocked when I saw our beloved mentioned and wanted to forward my delight. Cheers all!
w00t2.gif OH MY GOD! I'm blind, I can't see, I've had too much absinthe! w00t2.gif

Is it just me or is there something missing here?
…uhm, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess.
A link to the film?
Searching for spooky old movies for my wedding

Trying to scare her into marrying you… or not marrying you?
From IMDB…not really much info.
Ya link. It is actually on a dvd compilation, 'Johnny Legend Presents', "The Complete Weird Cartoons". I found it on Amazon looking for a another cartoon that happens to be on it. As far as the wedding we are having an 1920's halloween theme in an old theater. With a dvd projector we will be showing spooky old movies and cartoons. I have decided to play Hashers Delirium at the reception and absinthe will be present for the wedding party. I will probably get charged a 'corking fee'.
I had actually just ordered that DVD.
Congratulations. that's one unique wedding and that's really cool to have it in an old theatre.
what about the Tux and wedding gown? same halloween category? or just the 'same ole same ole'?
Yup tux with tails, opera top hat and spats. My brides gown is from a 1927 pattern and the bridesmaids from 1925. We have a jazz band, a huge jack o lantern pinata, and a rad paper moon I made for photo ops. The theater was built originally in 1912 as a gym. Jack Dempsey trained in it before losing his second fight with Gene Tunney, still has the hardwood floor and hooks in the rafters where the punching bags attached. We could never be happy with the 'same ole same ole'. Oh our MC is dressing like the Danny Elfmans 'Cab Callaway' devil if that makes any sense. See "The Forbidden Zone" by Richard Elfman for kicks.
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