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Full Version: Pedra
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Anybody else see these oil paintings…

Pedra paintings

I recently picked this one up on eBay, it is pretty cool in person.
user posted image
The fairy? She looks like she might be kewl…
Yeah the fairy is nice, but those bottles of Czechsinthe in the back… poop.gif
I was trying to figure out who the artist is and see if there is a web site or something. Well nothing, but wouldn't you know it, Pedra is a coctail receipe on this site. This is how I found this place. That is very lucky for me. I only drink Absinthe with water and sugar but the info on this site has helped me find the good stuff.
Wild Bill Turkey
She's in Laguna Beach, California, I think. Represented by a gallery there, anyway. The girl in almost all her paintings is the same girl, and the tattoo on the shoulder is some sort of logo for Pedra. I only know that much because she's been selling those paintings on ebay for a long time.
They look well done.

How are they in person? Is it a fully hand-painted original?
Yes, it is a handpainted original. The photo's amazing, but in person up close there is no doubt about being hand painted. I means it is all brush strokes and colors. I really like it.
She looks like a Breck girl with poorly applied angel wings, holding a glass of creme de menthe she's not planning to drink. I'd as soon have dogs playing poker on my wall.
The Standard Deviant
I just spent the afternoon at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. so I'm kinda jaded on Paintings at the moment…..
15 minutes with the Hallucinogenic Toreador will do that to you…. leglamp.gif
I like it. But most importantly I had a couple more glasses of the jade suisse verte 65 tonight. That stuff is so kick ass. It is worth every penny. I actually had to convince myself not to have a third because it tastes so good. abs-cheers.gif

Next time I will by 4 bottles or so in hopes to get a better bargain or at least save on shipping.
Those paintings are indeed very nice, I love the style. And most of all.... the subject abs-cheers.gif .

>> Fredie
Dali is one of the greatest painters ever. I've been to his museum in Figueras and went to see his house in Cadaques (both Spain). Truely worth a visit if you're around.

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My only complaint is that almost everyone of them are identical. Look at the Czech bottles on the bar in the back left just below the Absenta poster. She could do some nice ones if she actually knew a thing or two about absinthe - not absinth.
I still say it sucks.

I didn't notice Sunsetbrew's avatar until today, though, and that definitely does not suck. Spirited Away, right? Whoever drew that should draw some absinthe posters.
QUOTE(Artemis @ Dec 23 2005, 07:55 PM) *

I still say it sucks.

I didn't notice Sunsetbrew's avatar until today, though, and that definitely does not suck. Spirited Away, right? Whoever drew that should draw some absinthe posters.

Thanks man! I drew that. I actually made a woodblock print and then hand painted the background. It was done Japanese woodblock style. Ironically, I was planning on doing an Absinthe inspired print for my own enjoyment.
Well I think you could at least match that fairy poster. Something different. Don't keep it to yourself!

There were phantasms just like that in Spirited Away, a Japanese cartoon, the best such I've ever seen.
I like that chick from canada who sells weird absinthe paintings on ebay. I cant remember her name but her work is honest. Not superb work but it has more felling than the painting in this thread.
I could be completely wrong about this, and hopefully I am, but I think she uses a very typical "short cut" with her paintings. It seems to me, that I see the same girl in each picture with about three variations in poses - and these three are exactly the same each time. And the backgrounds of the bar and the front of the bar are identical every time. I wonder if you could lay one on top of another and have them line up perfectly. What I am saying is that she photoshops her images and prints them so that they can be joined and create the large picture which is then traced and painted. This is a very old technique and speeds up the process. If you look at the effects of the "swirl" in her recent works you will find the exact same filter in photoshop. Again, print them out, trace them, and fill with paint. This is just my opinion after looking at a bunch of her paintings. YMMV
I've seen those wings some where before...... ASTA!!

Sorry, Click to view attachment
Nick and Nora Charles's dog had wings, Greenie?

Must've been a prototype of Red Bull in his water dish.
Wild Bill Turkey
Poor Pedra. She used to be mediocre and uninspired. Now she actively sucks. I think she's just Given Up.
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