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Full Version: The New Fee Verte Absinthe Vendor Guide
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Your general ideas, comments and feedback for the new Vendor Guide go here.
Donnie Darko
What about Markus (

Shouldn't he be on the list too?
Of course. I just opened a few sample threads at random to get the ball rolling. Please go ahead and open threads for any and all of the other suppliers you'd like to comment on.
So, is the Absinthe Vendor Guide going to resemble the Absinthe Reviews Guide in the aspect of points/individual reviews? Should we give points for things such as: quality absinthe stock, availability, customer support/contact speed, shipping/packaging, information on absinthe, etc…

That would make it look very organized instead of random posts.

Also, I assume this is primarily a tool for noobs? Which I think will go along great with the Absinthe Reviews because noob after noob always ask which vendor should they use to buy their absinthe.

Next, should we penalize vendors for pushing the thujone hype? I know many are already screaming "Yes!" but I don't think its extremely necessary and is really no factor for me when I'm trying to decide where to buy from. Besides, if they are reading these Reviews they probably already know better.

One last thing, should the vintage page from be used or rated as an Absinthe Vendor site? It does sell absinthe, solely vintage but it is absinthe. I would like to know what other people think of that and Oxy himself.
So if Oxy wins, he gets the ad space. Or if he gets complaints, does he get kicked off the list?

blink.gif harhar.gif
I think it might be helpful to rank brick-and-mortar absinthe vendors. (Of course, other building materials are acceptable as well...)

At least for central locations like London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Munich etc., which many travellers will pass through, it seems like it would be helpful if people could consult a centralized list of vendors for the places they visit. It should probably contain information about brands sold and the general friendliness / helpfulness / knowledgability of the shop in general.

And, as members in the forum travel, we can update it with our various finds. (Actually, a wiki format would work marvellously for this sort of endeavor, since it seems like it'd be less a matter of compiling a coherent set of ratings and more of a matter of keeping it frequently updated as well as scalable, and as users we could easily create new locations in countries and keep them updated. For example, there's an excellent little store in Saignon, Provence that I found last year - if it were in a wiki format, one could make a new page for Sagnon in which the store would be listed, along with comments about selection and experience, and list that in the main page under France wikipedia-style - it would be very easy for anyone to do.)
We need more threads for more vendors! Please don't hesitate to open a new thread, if your vendor is not represented below.
So is the list going to be more "all inclusive" with vendors being ranked on a customer satisfaction scale?
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