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Full Version: Vendor Guide: Liqueurs de France
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Donnie Darko
Excellent service.

They rapidly replaced a bottle of mine that went missing a few years ago at no cost to me.

They're friendly.

The courier they use is extremely fast.

They know a lot about absinthe and only sell higher quality commercial brands.
Nothing to say other than that I agree. Most of my orders have even arrived within 24hrs after placing the order. This is within Europe, but still…

Liqueurs de France has done more for absinthe than most.
L.D.F. is the only place I buy absinthe.
Lord Stanley
Thumbs up all around.
Commitment to quality, and their service and professionalism do it for me. -s
Wish I could afford them……
le Gimp
2 for 2.

Well packed bottles. Quick delivery to the middle of eastern no where. Price commencerate for the products.
They always respond to emails, and they have great customer service all around. Shipping is fast as hell and they don't hype the thujone. They are the best vendor with which I have experience.
Note: Comments about priceyness of LdF are from US posters (I think).

If you live in the UK or Europe, then LdF prices are as good as any when P&P, handling, etc. are added in. Their bottle prices may be slighly higher than other web advertisers, but their extra costs are lower. In other words, they don't try to deceive with hidden charges.

In other words, UK and Europe, quality products at as good a price as any.

Well, shipping within UK is free with LdF.
For the rest of Europe, shipping is actually a bit more expensive than for the US.

LdF is one of my two favourite vendors, Markus being the other one.
There are other great vendors, but I believe they were the first to go beyond mere Internet retailing and become actively involved in product design. They don't just sell what's available; they know what's missing in the absinthe world and they find artisans to provide it.

Even in the US when you factor in shipping the apparent price difference compared to other companies virtually vanishes.
John Q.
As a newcomer to the world of Absinthe, I was a bit aprehensive about ordering on-line but after doing a bit of reading here on the boards, I decided to give it a go.

My first order (Edouard 72) was with LdF: placed on Saturday 19 Nov. and the goods arrived Wednesday 23 Nov. I was very pleased with their service and anticipate ordering again (just as soon as the Nouvelle-Orléans becomes available!)

John Q.
Very please with the Jade i ordered from them. I will order from them again for sure.
Wild Bill Turkey
For speed of delivery, LdF is so good it makes me nervous, like maybe they were just waiting for me to place an order they already had waiting for me at a shipping hub in Baltimore. Every vendor I buy from uses courier shipping. But LdF stuff just gets here faster. A LOT faster. every stinkin' time. I don't know how they do it...
It's part of the plan for world domination, the plot and evilness of the Absinthe Syndicate™ and most of all, a big conspiracy.

...or so Jack would say...
Wild Bill Turkey
It's hard to dredge up the effort to mount a really good resistance to an evil scheme when their primary weapon against me is giving me exactly what I want, when I want it.
Just ordered from LDF for the first time. Great service!!! No issues at all.

LDF gets the highest recomendation of all current vendors.

absintheglass-glow2.gif absintheglass-glow2.gif absintheglass-glow2.gif absintheglass-glow2.gif
Couldn't be happier with their service. Plus, they now offer Montmartre abs-cheers.gif
Wild Bill Turkey
Yeah, with the additions of Clandestine and Montmartre, LdF has pretty much become one-stop shopping for me.
abs-cheers.gif Yep, made my LDF order today, they are the bomb. Seasons Greeting all.
I am gonna make a small order from them in a week or so. I think if lemercier amer were added to there stock I would probably use them for everything. Perhaps that isnt on alot of people top choice list but it is something I have to have. I have made about 15 or 20 orders this past year and all but one or two has had at least one bottle of the Lemercier amer. Its bold spicy nature fits my personality well.
LDF does not and will not carry lemercier amer because it is made by adding wormwood oil after distillation in order to boost chop.gif, which was exactly what was stated by a representative of the distillery. this goes against the philosophy of LDF, even though carrying it would create more sales.

Well said. I cant help but agree with you.
Hate to buck the trend, but LdF has that extra handling fee that I'm not real thrilled with. It costs an arm and a leg to ship it already, the handling fee seem unnecessary. Well, that's to Japan, maybe it isn't so bad for the rest of you. Being that I also run an ecommerce shop that sells high end beverages (green tea), this makes no sense to me at all. I have been getting most of my stuff from Alandia now and the shipping to Japan is more reasonable.
Donnie Darko
QUOTE(pierreverte @ Jan 1 2006, 09:55 AM) *

LDF does not and will not carry lemercier amer because it is made by adding wormwood oil after distillation in order to boost chop.gif, which was exactly what was stated by a representative of the distillery. this goes against the philosophy of LDF, even though carrying it would create more sales.

That's respectable. Lemercier absinthes are mediocre anyway, the added wormwood oil just proves they're more interested in making assbinthe than absinthe.
>Hate to buck the trend, but LdF has that extra handling fee that I'm not real thrilled with.

LDF is not thrilled with it, either, but the UK shipper does all the packing too, and has to be paid to do it.
LDF does not keep any of this charge, nor profit off of the shipping.
When will White Fairy be back in stock?
end of is also going through some 'adjustments'.
Also when are you expecting your logo glass and dripper to be back in stock? I was gonna get them with my recent order but none available. I am gonna make another order when the Un Emile Whit fairy gets back in. Will it be longer than that?
Order placed on tuesday and today (Friday) a beautiful box arrived with certain contents which one might expect from LDF. Swift and flawless transaction.
You lucky bastard! I ordered the same day and it looks like I will be waiting until Monday. Wait, probably Tuesday due to the holiday.

Well to be fair I made the order monday night. I am glad I did. I was expecting a bottle of 30 year old scotch but it didnt come. But I have gotten deliverys at 8 and 9 oclock at night before.
i ordered my first bottle from LDF on thurs jan 11....i will let you know when i get it...:) getting thirsty absintheglass-glow2.gif ...AJ
im getting thirsty

That's what water is for.

The Standard Deviant
In my experience, Liqueurs de France have:
• An exquisite range of absinthe, glassware and silver absinthe grilles;
• Always responded to questions;
• Fast delivery (from a UK perspective), even having contacted them to inform of an address change after the order was placed.
FYI, there was an unexpected delay in LDF shipments due to an on-going security alert in the USA and several orders were held up longer than expected. everyone who was affected should have been notified and everything is being done to get the shipments delivered ASAP. there also have been technical problems with the company e-mail hosting service, which caused some errors in e-mail annoucements, responses and individual notifications, but these should be corrected by now.
In the United States of America, in this day and age, to be able to quickly and reliably get this product to my door in under a week is a great, great thing. I am an LdF fan for life as long as that doesn't change. Well, that and its gotta taste good... abs-cheers.gif
How often do these security alerts usually occur, and how long do they generally last? According to the e-mail, my order should be on its way by now, but all this international intrique fascinates me.

With all the cloak and dagger stuff and words like 'dispatched' and 'agents' in the e-mail, I feel like I really AM ordering something that'll make me Trip Ballz. Does the fact that even the shipping delay adds to the experience for me mean I'm truly in touch with my inner drug-runner? If LdF can make even shipping delays interesting, they've certainly got my loyalty. biggrin.gif
3 orders with LDF and all have been great!
Well, today my order arrived, so that answers the question about those security alerts. And apparently the e-mail problems must have extended to alerts of out of stock merchandise as well, because the dripper I ordered was actually in the box with my glass and my two bottles. So LdF is pure gold, as far as I'm concerned. biggrin.gif
I ordered two bottles and two spoons last year. They came (to USA) in about a week's time. Great service. Fast email replies.

Question though: Does anyone know if his selection of absinthes is going to grow?

The best isn't good enough?
Two words:

Duplais Balance. biggrin.gif
Some have to be hit over the head.
QUOTE(Absomphe @ Feb 14 2007, 03:37 PM) *

Two words:

Duplais Balance. biggrin.gif


expected in LDF stocklist in a week or so...along with liter duplais and brut d'alambic essai 3...
Aaaawww, shit!
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