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Full Version: Vendor Guide: Frenchman - Phil
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Always friendly and with very good service.

Makes sure his customers are happy and satisfied.
Donnie Darko
I've only bought repro spoons from him but his service was excellent and prices on absinthe ware are reasonable.
Never a problem…..

and I have to thank the guy for making repo spoons and MARKING them as such so that people who are NOT millionaires can afford them and tell the difference…..
I ordered glasses and spoons from him once. Everything arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition.
He's funny as fuck, when he forgets his meds.
Wild Bill Turkey
Once, when my credit card was maxed, I sent him a check to pay for an order. The order came so quickly, I think he must have sent it without waiting for my check to clear. He's trustworthy, and he treats his customers like they are, too.
I ordered some Oxygenee from him awhile back. Order processed quickly and arrived in under a week.
I ordered a #2 fountain from him. It arrived in a timely fashion and was packaged very well but it still had some damage. He promptly took care of the problem shipping out the new fountain at his cost and also allowed me to keep the damaged one. He responded to all of my emails within hours, sometimes minutes. I also ordered spoons from him and again, prompt and professional. I highly recommend him.
great feedback
Donnie Darko
I remember once when Phil posted a lot while stinko on Lemercier Amer. It was downright hysterical. His quality repros are enough to earn him a deservedly high reputation, but those drunken rants were what made me like him most.
I really like the repro glasses that I purchased from him a couple of years ago.

I've never had a problem ordering from Phil, and before his selection shrank, I did much of my business with him. He also tries his ass off to maintain communication with his customers, despite the language barrier.
Wild Bill Turkey
Anybody notice Phil's website has had a massive facelift? The new look is really nice!
He also has a notice on there about new products that will be offered at the beginning of April.

Yep, and his upcoming products will feature this new beautiful small fountains (same fountains as before but smaller, 2 spigots) :
Upcoming Fountains (from Vert d'Absinthe)
Wild Bill Turkey
Very nice!!
I just ordered some brew and spoons from him last friday, a week ago. He emailed me saying that he sent the parcels on saturday (the following day). I live in FL and have still not received them yet. Does anyone know if FL is a delievery time-hole? Just curious.

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