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Full Version: FAQ Update
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Black Jack (thank you!!!) has graciously contributed 3 additions to the FAQ:

Will absinthe or chop.gif make me fail a drug test?
But I heard chop.gif is similar to THC! Can it cause a false positive?
Do you think if I write my congressman, I can get absinthe legalized in the U.S.?

and I tacked on the addendum:

Why is the word "Thujone" replaced by an image of a Pork Chop [ chop.gif ] every time you type it in the forum?

veronica.gif angelica.gif If anyone ever feels the dire urge to contribute, please feel free! gentiane.gif melissa.gif

Sponge Bob
Is it true that if you drink absinthe on the southern side of the equator that the room spins counter clockwise?
Marc Chevalier

Why, yes: it is. It really is. And how did you know?

Maybe all newbies should pass a FAQ quiz before they are allowed the privilege of posting. Because even with the recent updates you know those questions will still be asked again.
Good idea Puffy, I think we should also issue Absinthe Licenses. In several different classes.

Class C: Normal Commercial consumption and knowledge
Class B: Moderate consumption of La Bleus
Class A: Excelerated knowledge and consuption of Hausgeblahblah

There should be a SOS or a DMV of sorts. Perhaps we should call it "the FAQ" (Federation of Absinthe Queens) yet another line for people to take a number and spend half their day not getting any pay and burning up cell phone minutes waiting to get serviced. More red tape I say! Bring out the Serpis!
Lord Stanley
"There should be a SOS or a DMV of sorts. Perhaps we should call it "the FAQ" (Federation of Absinthe Queens)"

Shouldn't it be called the FAQ ?

"...burning up cell phone minutes waiting to get serviced."

Sounds like one of those 1-900 numbers.
Well you're right, of course. Your wisdom, Dear Lord Don Stanley, is without question.

Big red letters will be installed on the building before the sun rises tomorrow. I expect the lines to extend far beyond Livermore Labias. Perhaps all the way to San Jose. The tentacles are long and outstretched.

Ain't it all one big phone sex conversation... Hello, Bueller? Bueller? Anyone???

Message in a bottle...
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