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Full Version: Vendor Guide: AbsintheX
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A friend of mine who's a DJ at a Hard Rock station in LA emailed me this....

These people are one of their new sponsors.

I told him they were selling Bull AND Shit, but He's not the Station owner so there's nothing he can do about it....
I did warn him not to believe a word they tell him and to avoid any samples they may drop off at the station. sick.gif

i dunno, the beginner's guide is fun.
Yeah, Really!

This bit in particular:

"For best results, select an absinthe with a high chop.gif level and drink it fast or else you will only feel the effects of the alcohol. If drank enough absinthe, close eye hallucinations have been reported."
Donnie Darko
Wow, $200 for King of Spirits? I hope those are chunks of pure gold in the bottom of that bottle.

FWIW, I saw the real drawing on that KOS bottle on Saturday. The NY Metropolitan Museum of Art is having an exhibit of Van Gogh's drawings. The exhibit is really something to behold, as you get to see how his sketches progressed into his final paintings. If anyone is anywhere near NYC I highly recommend taking the trip for the exhibit. (there's also an amazing exhibit of Fra Angelico's work too).

Thankfully there is no mention of Absinthe in the exhibit, only that he was diagnosed as epileptic. They do have his actual paints that made him crazy though (he would tip his brush on his tongue thereby ingesting mercuric oxide which likely caused his fits of madness and seizures).

To tell you the truth, for the sake of accuracy, King of Spirits Gold should replace the mugwort in the bottom of the bottle with mercuric oxide. Gotta get the whole Van Gogh feeling, not just the absinth!
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