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Full Version: Graphic Design Help Needed
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I have a small graphics design job that I need completed very urgently: the modification of an old poster design to create a logo for a website. What's involved is the creation of a new word to match the existing idiosyncratic typeface used in the poster, and then the replacement of part of the existing text of the poster with this new word. The complexity of the work exceeds my own very limited Photoshop skills, but I don't think it would take anyone with professional level graphics design expertise more than an hour or two. Although it's a small job, I need it to be done absolutely perfectly (aside from its use as a logo, I may want to print a high res version of the final image in poster format as well), so ideally I'm looking for someone who does this type of thing for a living, rather than an enthusiastic amateur.

I'll of course pay whatever the going rate for the work is, either in cash (PayPal) or, if preferred, in kind (absinthe antiques etc).

If you can help, please PM me, or better still, email me directly at
Talk to Bill Turkey.
I agree.

Unless you can scan chiseled stone tablets, then talk to Artemis.
QUOTE(Artemis @ Dec 11 2005, 01:27 PM) *

Talk to Bill Turkey.

That's a big hell-yeah.
Donnie Darko
Rimbaud is also a graphics ninja, although he hasn't been around in awhile. I saw something Wild Bill Did though and he's got mad skills.

Oh yeah, there's Nepenthes too.
Wild Bill Turkey
Thanks for the recomendations!
Nice work Bill.
Wild Bill Turkey
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