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Full Version: Absinthe Poetry Hour
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The Adorable One
There once was a man from Nantucket

Who used to drink absinthe from a bucket

Insanity sank in

And he killed all his kin

Now the government says 'phucket'.
The Adorable One
There once was a drink made from wormwood

That could trip your balls like a worm could

If you light it on fire

You'll see your hearts desire

Or at least burn down your neighborhood.
grey boy
CG wrote the only limerick that matters™.
The Adorable One
I'm bored at work - and I'm sober - what do you people expect from me.
Pretty much what we've gotten so far, I'd expect.
You're five years too late for poetry hour.
The Adorable One
Do you think people from Nantucket get tired of that limerick?

QUOTE(Assstomp @ Dec 16 2005, 03:33 PM) *

Pretty much what we've gotten so far, I'd expect.

Too true! Too true!
Google Poem


Compiled 12/17/2005 12/29/1899 10:23:02 PM GMT

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Twas then that he
leaned in for a kiss,
and thanked me very kindly.
Whilst I still had a hiccup of his
piss and peckersnot inside me.

It's Halloween my peckersnot.
How many people do you know
that take their kids out trick or treating
in the witch tit chilly snow?

Oh, PeckerSnot invaded your house,
there were no thugs to protect you
So Peckersnot and all his boys
put sticky in your deck shoes.

You look stupid, though I do admit
that your mouth forms a perfect O
your uvula is bathed in my ejaculate
as my peckersnot strangely glows

"God Damn I'm tired" said Hippy MC
"and hornier than a six-peckered goat!"
"I'm gonna go jerk it, you wanna be me's
Here's a cordon of peckersnot, CHOAK!
Green is the color of my true love's (absinthe)gangrene.

Purple is the color of her hair.

Her eyes are yellow when they're there.

And when they're not

Their sockets are filled with moldy blue rot*.

(*My pet name for CeeGee's lizard).
Tissue infected with gangrene is black

like my heart.
don't make me do it... i've had too much... f-it.

i'll put it in the corn hole out of respect.

look for drunken poem number two.
Absinthe poetry.... how silly!!!
Roses are red
Absinthe is louche
If you love the Green Fairy
then you're not a douche


Green Fairies Wear Boots

Drinking absinthe late one night
When suddenly I saw the light
I drank the Green Fairy
and surprised what I saw
Green Fairies wear boots
and dancing with the dwarfs.
Aaaalright now!

Green Fairies wear boots
and you gotta believe me
I drank, I drank it
and I tell you no lies

Yeah! Green Fairies wear boots
and you gotta believe me
I drank, I drank it
now I feel so high
Aaaalright now!

So I went to the doctor
to see what he could give me
He said, "Son. Son, you've gone too far.
Cause absinthe and Percocet is all that you do."


Four onces of absinthe and seven sugar cubes ago,
Our fathers created a drink with anise, fennel, wormwood
and other ingredients that caused a feeling of euphoria
in those who partake in it's joy and warmth.

Through ignorance and hyperbole 'twas once banned
but now can be enjoyed all through the land.


I once had a house
so beautiful and warm
But I lit my sugar on fire
and did some great harm
Absinthe on fire
soon spread to the walls
I ran for my life and
nearly burnt my balls
So as a lesson to all those
in love with the louche
Don't burn your sugar
you dumb fucking douche


Pretty stoopid but the best I could come up with in five minutes.

Here's my poem:


He was an amusing newbie,

as newbies go.

And as newbies go,

he went.
And his profile's photo answers to your sarcasm:

IPB Image
QUOTE(Oxygenee @ Mar 30 2008, 01:07 PM) *

And as newbies go,

he went.

Your eternal optimism is always apprecited.

Your flagrant plagiarism, however… harhar.gif

Damnit, now I can't remember if that was Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde, or some other effite miscreant. frusty.gif
QUOTE(mthuilli @ Mar 30 2008, 03:05 PM) *

And his profile's photo answers to your sarcasm:

IPB Image

Wow. Amazing. He must be TOTALLY kewl!

The Shocker!

Like I believe he's ever gotten close enough to a vagina or an anus to, er, ya know.

And what the fuck is that on his nose??!!

---Tish looking-up.gif
Jaded Prole
He's been assimilated.
I was hoping you misspelled 'assassinated", until I remembered he's not that important.
Hemingway's Hangover
All right, what the hell….I'm fairly sure I'll get a nice round of mocking for this (Liver, I'm waiting), but this has been sitting around in my files for a few weeks. The first line is from Mallarme' -- creativity is overrated, ya know -- but the rest is mine, for better or (mostly) worse.

May 1871

Tonight I do not come to conquer thee,
Nor dim the blaze within thine eyes;
Let us drink deep from the cup of Anarchy
And wake her sweet corpse from slumber with our cries.

She dwells within thy sharpest smile,
Her blood beats deep within thy breast;
Let me linger in thine embrace awhile,
And taste the wormwood on thy breath.

As night and city call thy name,
Unfurl thy dark wings and take flight;
O, sweet whore of fire and flame,
Destruction shall be our delight.

No god shall judge our arsonist’s fate,
No devil lurks at horned gate.

Mon amour la petroleuse, be quick:
Strike the match, light the wick.

Poke Salad Papa
That thing on his nose is connected by a tube to his arse so he can smell his own farts. fart.gif
You slay me, Jerry
Jaded Prole
Here's a quickie:

In this orb of tears and war and grief
I take a pause to find relief --

Droplets of water slowly
into emerald nectar bloom
the cumulus spirit
of woe's surcease

O cloud of joy
and respite!
O heaven of
Artemis and Anise!

I raise my goblet at dusk
and praise with delight
all things of beauty and ease.
Was that one at the Reading?
Jaded Prole
No. I just wrote it a minute or two before posting.
AM inspiration?
Jaded Prole

Not a bad idea though, now that you mention it . . .
So, when you drink absinthe, do you write paeans to coffee?
Jaded Prole
When I drink absinthe I don't write anything at all though it helps a lot if I have to do a public reading.
QUOTE(Jaded Prole @ Apr 25 2008, 10:00 AM) *


Not a bad idea though, now that you mention it . . .
Now I'm gettin' the shakes like Nefre-titty.
Just hang on to those brain cells, so we can tell you apart.
My typing that bad?
Relax, you're no drunken Absinthist.
Was that for
The Standard Deviant
Taking a sip,
Moistens the lips.
Oh what pleasure,
In drinking a measure!

No longer to sit,
I stood up and slipped.
Absinthe's true price:
The cost of my life!
roses are red
absinthe is green
after five glasses
i'll say something obscene!
The Standard Deviant

Sugar burns
My stomach churns
Nothing to fear
I'll eat some beer.
Today we are in the Elite™
My Pops and me-Tits
Watching the finest extraits' dance
As the water in them drips

And when louched with cold "Hemar" waer™
We are drinking from the Sages' lore
Alas! Skrew you, despair
When we're in the extraits' galore
Drink some Black Licorice tasting Crap

Then lie down and take a nap

QUOTE(pierreverte @ Apr 25 2008, 05:03 PM) *

roses are red
absinthe is green
after five glasses
i'll say something obscene!

flowers aren't right
wormwood is mean
as the glass smashes
i'm leaving the scene
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