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Full Version: The Edit Button
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This is in response to several queries, and sundry online grumblings, and relates both to Fee Verte, and to my Absinthe Collectors Forum.

There's no ideal solution when it comes to defining the time period after posting in which editing is allowed. We've adopted what we think is the "least-bad" compromise.

When I took over this site, I substantially increased the time period in which existing posts could be edited. The plus side is that there was lots of time to make corrections. The downside was that it allowed members to entirely delete their posts, long after they had originally appeared. In my opinion, this isn't acceptable, and is disrespectful to other members, who may have invested their time in composing a lengthy reply, only to see the original post disappear, and the whole thread become meaningless. This isn't a theoretical concern, it happened repeatedly, and some of the worst culprits were senior members.

So we've changed the parameter again, to only allow editing for a much shorter period after the initial posting: still more than long enough to proof-read it carefully several times over, but not long enough to go back and delete your post hours later, because you now regret having posted it in the first place. The flip side of course, is that if you discover a spelling mistake or typo long after posting, you can't go back and edit it anymore. I know this is annoying, but it seems to me - at least for now - the lesser of two evils.
The time-period after posting in which editing is allowed has been slightly increased.
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