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Full Version: Kallisti Kollection Spoons up for sale!
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Greetings all! I'm putting a few of my spoons up for sale. I've placed a few on ebay, and the rest I will attempt to sell direct:

The ones now on ebay are clearly marked.

Oxy provided me with the descriptions and I hope the price is fair! Once these are gone I have more, but I haven't photographed them yet.

I'm keeping a smaller, more focused collection, so ya know, I love my spoons and glasses muchly! But our treasure cabinets are exploding! Also, we want to go to LA this weekend and the taxman stole all my pennies.

Thanks for looking and cdog-plain.gif to all! heart.gif
Damn tax man!
I claim Les Trous #25.
ding-ding-ding! you're a WINNER!!! thanks!
Everyone else says I am a loser. wacko.gif
Wild Bill Turkey
See? Buy one of Kallisti's spoons, and win, WIN, WIN!
QUOTE(zachM @ Jan 16 2006, 01:44 PM) *

Everyone else says I am a loser. wacko.gif

But K's the hostess with the mostest, so her vote counts the mostest.

Get it? frusty.gif
Your just jealous I have a new spoon to catch on fire. harhar.gif
I got my spoon in today. Very nice!
Halo folks! I've listed another batch o' spoons on ebay. 3 days left!

And I've got a few more that should go up this week. abs-cheers.gif

Halo II was fun, I dunno about the original.

Purty spoonz, tho. You been collecting again, or just thinning out the stash?
Still thinning blink.gif I'm down to my very favorites after this last batch.

Head P is a master of the Halo, and my nephews are not far behind. I'm a Katamari Damacy girl, myself.
Donnie Darko
My best friend just told me I must buy that game. I guess you start out as this molecule and gradually increase in size by rolling over things until you're the size of the universe? Sounds like the most original game I've ever heard of.

I'm up to my neck in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion at the moment (and probably will be for the next 100 or so years), but Katamari is next on my list.
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