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Full Version: Absinthe Montmartre 65 (Second edition)
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According to

"Absinthe Montmartre is the first and probably only traditionally distilled, naturally colored, austrian premium Absinthe. A true old-viennese speciality and, as the title of this writing allready hints at, "the rebirth of an old tradition"."


Reviewed by Assstomp 12/14/2005

Nice natural color which is a paler, but more vibrant green than the first distillation's.

A bit slow to begin louching, but once it does, it builds quickly, swirling from the bottom up, and is quite full.

Retains a good deal of its original pale, vibrant green, and shows some opalescence.

AROMA 24/30
I can definitely see what Artemis meant by that "candy-like" Haut-Doubs #9 scent, but to me, there are distinct wormwood, anise, and fennelcomponents also discernable, although the cinnamon, and citrus zest definitely obfuscate them more than a bit. Stll, I find the nose complex, and appealing.

Not quite as creamy as it could be to support all the spiciness, but definitely not thin, either...with a bit more anise and fennel tweaking, the texture would awesome.

TASTE 16/20
This is an absinthe that will probably appeal to devotees of over-the-top Christmas ales. It's really spicy, and strong flavored, but absolutely clean, and natural in taste. It really struck a chord in me.

If you enjoyed the first distillation, you'll really relish this one...if not, this batch probably won't make a convert out of you.

Assstomp scores Absinthe Montmartre (Second edition) 81 out of 100

Reviewed by AndrewT 12/14/2005

A lovely green, with some slight bluish tints when held to the light.

Louche is slow but steady, with a small transparent layer on the top that sticks around for a bit before louching. Louches opaque.

Very nice, the green sticks around just enough to give the louche a nice tint.

AROMA 23/30
Nice and complex, both before and after water. The cinnamon and citrus combination is still up front, but they give way just enough to taste the traditional herbs behind it.

Very thick, with a little sting from the anise / cinnamon, which sticks around for quite a long time.

TASTE 15/20
The spiciness is an interesting touch, but it seems a bit too present to me still. Much better balanced than the first batch, but I still find myself wishing it would be a more traiditional absinthe at times.

A very well made absinthe that is clean and unique. The spiciness isn't much to my liking, but the balance is much better than before, and is overall a very enjoyable absinthe. And for what it's worth, I got some nice secondaries off of it.

AndrewT scores Absinthe Montmartre (Second edition) 79 out of 100

Reviewed by Savaoth 3/8/2008

Nice natural looking green. It is not so bright, it's a little dim and i could notice some traces of herbs inside.

Nice louche. It came slowly and developed the right time forming a complex white cloud. Nice to watch

The colour after louching is white-gray with a bit green and blue... It doesn't look so yellow-green like vintage absinthes but it is a nice colour

AROMA 19/30
I think the aroma is different than traditional absinthe... You can notice the presence of cinammon-citrus-and orange.
This gives a different aroma than usual absinthe but i personally don't prefer this kind of experiments... Generally it has a delicant aroma.

I would like it to be more thick and more creamy but it is ok. It leaves a nice sense at the tongue an it is generally enjoying.

TASTE 16/20
This is a good tasting absinthe. It has some different elements from traditional absinthe such as the cinammon, citrus and orange combination that change the taste a bit. I would like it to have more anise and less cinammon, citrus and orange.

It is of course a very good modern absinthe. It is ok for new absinthe drinkers and for experienced absinthe drinkers that want to try something different and new. I would not recommend it to someone who wants to taste a really traditional and vintage absinthe.

Savaoth scores Montmartre 71 out of 100
Precenphix didn't care for it much.
I have removed the review and started a thread concerning review scores and thoughts. Here.
I just tasted Montmarte for the first time, along with Doub's. I like them, but i was surprised. I didn't take in to account that someone had mentioned "christmas tree" in a review description. To me that was really strong...It's what I imagine Emile Sapin would taste like, as pine buds are listed as ingredients. Or is it just a strong fennel that i am tasting? Either way, I am curious, how does Doub's or Montmatre compare to Emile Sapin? Should start to expect this more from other top Absinthes, like the Jades?
Everything I have tasted before this has been purely anise-wormwood flavors, so it was a departure from my expectation. Infact upon first taste of the Monmarte, I thought "Pine-sol"! Albeit, the finest Pine-sol money can buy.
The christmasy flavor creates similarites between Doub's and Montmatre65. My girlfriend, who does not like anise and other herbal flavored drinks, chose Doub's. I agree it tastes a little smoother.

BTW, Has anyone else noticed that Pine-Sol louches? shock.gif
There's an ocean of difference between the Un Emile Sapin and the Montmartre. Un Emile Sapin is very much like the regular Un Emile but with just a hint of pine.
QUOTE(hartsmar @ Feb 17 2006, 09:18 AM) *

I have removed the review and started a thread concerning review scores and thoughts. Here.

Thanks! That seemed a little out of whack.
There is also an ocean of difference between the flavor of Montmartre, and the flavor of Doubs.

The Doubs is extremely floral and perfumy, and if it were a distillation instead of an oil mix, with perhaps a better quality base, I think it would be a rival of a few of the best censored2.gif

The Montmartre is more spicy, and citric, but could benefit from more floral, and, for lack of a better descriptor, "greener" flavor.

Aaah, you’re all over the map, Assstumpf. Which is it, Montmartre, Doubs or Eichelberger?
guide updated abs-cheers.gif
QUOTE(Stroller @ Feb 17 2006, 12:10 PM) *

QUOTE(hartsmar @ Feb 17 2006, 09:18 AM) *

I have removed the review and started a thread concerning review scores and thoughts. Here.

Thanks! That seemed a little out of whack.

maybe. i'll have to review it again. i still won't like it very much, but i'll try to be a bit more "fair" when judging it.
Alice the absinthe eater
QUOTE(Savaoth @ Mar 8 2008, 05:15 AM) *

This is a good tasting absinthe.It has some different elements from traditional absinthe such as the cinbammon,

mmmmmm… Cinbammon.

Editor's note: Added the quote from Savaoth's initial review here as I have merged the review into the main post...
I thought someone would jump on this, but since no one has, the duty falls to me.

Dear Savaoth, thank you for your review. Now please go introduce yourself in the Entrance Hall.

Also, please don't neglect Mr. Spacebar. Give him a little tap or two after each comma and period.

Cheers and welcome.
And you're lucky spoon did the job this time, others would have told you:

Go introduce yourself Fuckin' New Guy.
You cunt cum here w/out sayin' "hello, my name is whoever-the-fuck, I'm a norom™ livin' in wherever-the-fuck and I like drinkin' whatever-the-fuck, blah blah blah".
And pay the fuck attention to yr spellin'.
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Sock's channeling
da Liver.
FNG frightener.
QUOTE(Savaoth @ Mar 8 2008, 05:15 AM) *

You can notice the presence of cinammon-citrus-and orange.This gives a different aroma than usual absinthe but i personally don't prepfer this kind of experiments..Generally it has a delicant aroma.

Well, it's actually not exactly an experiment but rather based on an old austrian recipe...
...and the reviews are updated...
I just opened my first bottle of Montmartre 65 and was flummoxed to discover that the color is absolutely clear. The few reviews I've read of it have all described it as being some shade of green, depending on the distillation. Wha' happened? Did I end up with the beginning of yet another distillation, the color having been completely removed?

Whatever the case, I'm not overly fond of it, especially after having tried the Doubs earlier in the evening. I knew the flavor profile was going to be significantly different from the vast majority of absinthes. It's just not one that blows my hair back.

Any ideas about the color though? What's up with that? Further, there is not even a hint of the cinnamon note that people regularly associate with this absinthe.

For the record, the back of the bottle reads:

Absinthe Montmartre
> Création Tuivel <
Deuxième Edition

That doesn't sound right at all. dry.gif
Maybe the colouration has been omitted in that particular bottle of yours. I have seen the pic you showed in the meantime somewhere else today and it might be that case.
I know the absinthe is handmade, but coloration by the bottle seems a bit extreme.

If so, then I guess Tuivel forgot to sprinkle in some cinnamon, as well.
Here's a photo of it that I snapped last night.

IPB Image

I'd like to try the actual Montmartre that I've heard described, but for the time being I'm just going to hold off on this stuff. The folks from whom I purchased it were kind enough to offer a refund, so I'm simply going to have the funds applied to the next Edouard they get in . . .


If I were to speculate, I'd venture to guess that the 2nd edition is getting long in the tooth, and as Asstumpf said, it's hand crafted, so that the stability of the coloration and perhaps some of the more condimenty ingredients in solution is not there, maybe in conjunction with suboptimal storage. Did you notice if there was a fair amount of sediment buildup in the bottle?

Meticulum? Helloooo? Are you still there after yer FNG cat-o'-nine-tails gauntlet?

Maybe Tuivel needs to have a conversation with Marcus wink.gif , that is, if he's still in the business. This stuff probably doesn't move much these days with its esoteric reputation and the plethora of quality alternatives. Ah, but the 1st edition…
I wasn't even really fond of the first edition, favoring the first of Ike over it. Had that similar spicey tone, but more subdued to me. Got a second bottle of Ike about 3 months later, which leaned more in taste to the Mont. By the time I neared the end of the bottle, I couldn't get it out of my head that is wasn't Monty.

Haven't had either since.
There was definitely a sweet spot with the first Monty; it was slow in opening up. I think it was about 5-6 months after I received it before the anethole foretaste blossomed out to balance the cinnamon and citrus tones. The Ike by comparison seemed to get more stringent with consumption. Appears now like there's a shelf life for it, too, at least for the second edition where Tuivel blinked in the face of the clamoring din of critics decrying the overuse of cinnamon, yada yada.
Would a recipe that ramped up the Melissa bring a true citrus tone to an absinthe or just build up bitterness? Is/was there an absinthe or recipe that used zest in the macerate or coloration step?
I tried some when it first came out, if I remember right, it was a light tan color, like watered down tea
and tasted spicy, not like absinthe. At that time, not many products did taste like absinthe, but this Montmartre was exceptionally odd.
Actually, it was a very bright, but pale, peridot green, (the little that remains in my bottle hasn't changed color at all) and except for the unusual cinnamon overlay, I thought it was very absinthe-like.
Bruno Rygseck
Same here, pale green that hasn't faded or turned feuille morte (mine is the second version). And it is quite drinkable at 1:20 dilution.

blink.gif 1:20?
Bruno Rygseck
Yes, it is a bit late, or early (1:50 actually).

Seriously, I tried Montmartre again after a long while and simply could not finish the glass. Instead of sinking it, I just put it in a bigger glass and added more water,

But in the end I sinked it anyway.
As per usual, I must be missing something important here.
QUOTE(Bruno Rygseck @ Apr 25 2008, 06:51 PM) *

I tried Montmartre again after a long while and simply could not finish the glass. Instead of sinking it, I just put it in a bigger glass and added more water,

But in the end I sinked it anyway.
Same here, no matter how diluted it still had that Deet™ taste to me.
Holy crap.
Bruno Rygseck
I would like to see the Schnappsmuseum make a version of Montmartre without the cinnamon. It might very well be quite good.
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