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Full Version: Time problem
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Having a problem with getting the correct time in the board settings. I've set it for Eastern, but still come up an hour ahead. I have toggled Auto DST on/off and updated but still not correct. Thanks in advance, for helping an (dumb) ass
I just set mine for Alaska time even though I am actually in PST time zone. Otherwise it is one hour off. Just set it for whatever time zone gives you the correct time.
so you live in Alaska now? That's just great! I'm never coming to visit again!
Wassamatter, Viking girly man?

Can't stand a little cold? harhar.gif
Alaska, Sweden, what's the difference? harhar.gif
Well with the damned winters we've had here there just might not be much of a difference. And I was wondering - where did that global warming go?!
So, I start up my car real early in the morning now and let it run for a while to ensure I get a huge ozon-layer-hole-thing over my house. I'm gonna get me a good tan this summer!
Alaska isnt so bad. My great aunt lives there. Well she lives there until the winter months arrive and then moves to her other house. But I guess that choice of not haveing to stay there all year makes it much nicer.
Perhaps you should just go Brokeback to the Future.
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