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Full Version: New Frenchman products ! check them out !
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Have you seen the new fountains ? impressive !

And the cookies jars ? impressive !
Cookies Jars
Love the fountains!
Jade Kiss
Yeah, those fountains look sweet. If I hadn't just bought one I would place an order.
Wild Bill Turkey
The new fountains are beautiful! I'm assuming these are all new designs, and not built as repros of historical fountains. He's done really well to introduce the new 2-spigot designs!
I'm curious to see how many of the the prototypes make it into final production, and what the final prices will be.

The porte-gateaux, I don't really understand. It's attractive, but how does it relate to absinthe? It doesn't have to, obviously, but he he does suggest it is for use with absinthe.

Beautiful work, Phil!
Legler-Pernod-mini.gif spoon.gif
j'aime les fontaines
My wife has been asking to get a 2 spigot, smaller fountain, Frenchman to the rescue again.
Frenchman has really brought us some nice stuff,
hats off to the Frencman pHil! abs-cheers.gif
Faithful replica of a sugar holder circa 1900. Very nice & useful. Could also be used to store cookies, candies, and s.o.

Very pretty, but how many people can fit their significant other into one of those?

Heya, Jacko!
fountains look great now i know which one to buy.
The 'girl' one is quite lovely.....
as for the cookie.... I prefer the nookie.... bet.gif
Wait?!?! or is that the same thing these days?? frusty.gif
The times they are a changin'.
mmm. perfume now. seems like a lot of money though. I wonder if you can drink it?
Wild Bill Turkey
No two of those words belong together on a bottle of anything, but all three at once is a cry for help.
I've seen that absinthe on Alandia that contains cannabis. Even if that cannabis has the same effect that it would outside of the liquid, I'm not sure one would want to mix absinthe and cannabis. Not pulling from personal accounts, mind you, but it sounds like a bad idea.

Now, putting it in perfume? I like the smell of anise. And I can imagine an absinthe perfume being popular. But again, adding cannabis seems like over kill.

toulouse absintheglass-glow2.gif
I'm just waiting for LSD Absinthe.

All the fun of drinking fine absinthe without that irritating side-effect of remaining sane enough to enjoy it w00t2.gif
I see a fountain in my future.
WOW! Those are great. I'm very tempted....
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