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Full Version: Old French Postcard
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I was searching through various pictures the other day and stumbled on this interesting piece. It was aquired from my Swiss grandfather in Paris around the early 1900's from a Parisian restaraunt. What I found interesting was the postcard that he framed from the restaraunt. I included an image of it and was wondering if any members could help me out on this subject. I circled two items in particular a Carafe and a Pyrogenee and was wondering if in your opinion these items were absinthe related. I understand that pyrogenees were used in French Cafes to accomidate smokers but the Carafes I found interesting and was wondering if this restaraunt may have served absinthe. Here is the image of the postcard. Thanks.
If it was a Paris café and just around 1900, they probably served absinthe...
"La Tour D'argent" still exists :
It was founded in 1582, it must be one of the oldest restaurant in Paris, if not the oldest.
It's a very very well known restaurant (not a café) in Paris, one star in the Michelin Guide (used to have more).
As it was a restaurant, not a café, I'm not really sure they were serving absinthe at this time...
It's a standard water carafe, and in this context probably not directly related to absinthe (which wasn't usually drunk during dinner at an elegant restaurant). The signature dish of the restaurant is pressed duck, the preparation of which you can see in the engraving. Every diner who orders one gets a card with his duck's individual number - in 1996 they passed the million duck milestone.
Duck... absinthe... what's the difference?
You can snort absinthe, but you can't snort a duck. At least, not when I last tried.



The pyrogenees suggest that something was being lit afire; in a one-star restaurant, what could it have been?


The conspiracy to cover-up the original absinthe fire ritual continues. Absinthe-related matchstick holders, but NOOOOO nobody EVER lit their absinthe on fire . . .
Smoking and drinking
the heathens.
I've never had smoked heathen.
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