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Full Version: Celebrity gossip question for Hartsmar:
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Apparently "Shiloh Pitt" in Swedish translates as "two pounds of cock".

True or false?
Donnie Darko
I was hoping it translated to "who gives a flying fuck if Brangelina had a baby", but I'll settle for "two pounds of cock".
The Standard Deviant
I thought it was a spoonerism.
Donnie Darko
I thought Shiloh Pitt translated in Swedish to "Bork borky borken bork!".
Well. It's right. Shiloh, or if you prefer "kilo" equals about two pounds.
Pitt is either a dumb ass actor or your genitals, so... Oxy's right. I don't know where the hell he saw my privates though.

Wild Bill Turkey
QUOTE(The Standard Deviant @ Jun 8 2006, 10:22 AM) *

I thought it was a spoonerism.

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The Standard Deviant
It's not the first time…
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