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Full Version: Welcome to the New & The New Forum!!!
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First off, please re-register on the new forum. When possible, please use your old forum name (makes it easier on us).

We still do not have net access at home, so please be patient of your questions and registration don't get taken care of right away...

Now, down to business.

This overhaul has been in the works all summer, but was delayed quite a bit by real life intruding, namely, Head & I eloping to Vegas and moving almost as soon as we got back. Whew... now that all that true love stuff is handled, we can get back to the nitty gritty.

I decided to go live with yet a few things left on my to-do list. Namely, the last two pages of the brand new (brand new!!!) Absinthiana section, courtesy of Oxygenee, of course... these last two pages still need to be done, plus some upgrades to the items already posted, new pix etc.

I imagine there will be alot of broken links, since I've moved/renamed ALOT of the pages. So please post anything busted in this topic, or email me at

The old forum will remain available as an archive, but will be shut down for posting sometime in the near future. Please be nice to me by registering and playing with the new forum software. Mostly, its an improvement, but there are a few features we'll probably miss.

Like the big profile pictures! *sad*

But this is much more reliable and up to date software that uses mysql database for msg storage. It's more reliable! also takes up much less disk space, and is, essentially, faster to process info.

But here, more than anywhere, I'm still on the learning curve and working out the kinks.

shock.gif have fun!

Hi Kallisti!

I'm having a problem uploading an avatar. It's a jpeg and its 75 x 69 pixels, so it should work. Please advise...

Here's what is left on my "To Do" list...

* A few vendor updates I haven't gotten to yet
* Herbsaint Pages w/ stuff donated by Impy - not sure where to put it, in absinthiana or with historic or to combine the historic list in with absinthiana

* absinthiana/unusual.html
* absinthiana/tinlithos.html

* absinthe1.html - add new/more/better images & poetry/words
* absinthe2.html - remove advert posters (most are duplicated in absinthiana) add more locales/info/pix
Rimbaud... let me test.
oh, also ... I will copy over post counts from old forum as time permits.
hrm, I uploaded this new one and it uploaded and resized.

but uploading a .gif broke it. it is probably because these li'l built in image resizer programs don't deal with gifs as they suck when you resize.

is it a gif? if not then I'll start lookin' some place else for the problem.

sorry about the small size, but I don't want the giant avatars on the msg pages, too distracting.
Nope, it's a jpeg. I'll try it again...
Still not working. Hmmmm...
k, I set up this test acct as it was my admin uber-ability that let me post the pic.

as a regular style member I couldn't *upload* but I could put in a url or use the pre-loaded avatars.

I'll find this eventually and fix it. sorry for the nonce.



all that file shuffling wreaks havoc on dir permissions.
er, that means you should be able to upload yer piccies now.
looks like uploading avatars works
It looks like I got registered OK...

I think I was able to upload an avatar, although it doesn't show up in the preview, so we'll see if it works...

Also, I couldn't find a profile setting comparable to the "Full Name" on the old forum; only a user name...otherwise I would have filled in my Full Name as "Picasso's Last Words" as I did on the old forum...

Anyway, the new forum looks I'm off to check out the new Web pages!

Thanks, Kallisti!

Hot Dam! It works okay with Opera, and I finally get to use the way cool "pierreverte" Peter turned me on to sometime back - it wouldn't load on the other forum.

"I'm so happy! Now I have someplace to put my hand!"
Long Duk Dong, Sixteen Candles

Well, maybe the italics buttons doesn't work with Opera ... not my stripped down version, anyway

that image is gorgeous.
Ah1, ah2 ah test three high.gif
Damn, those are supposed to look like ferrets. Must re-Avatar
This will be Bumpy and fun. Always try to have fun.
Infinate patience - Thanks sp_ike.gif
w00t1.gif It works!

It comes with pretty new artwork for someone to steal!!

It's a little low-contrast, tho. Maybe a slightly darker text?

It's so puuuuurty . . .
Magnificent Kallisti!

Of course, no doubt, even as we speak, a redesign is being planned at ABG...
Now, let´s see if it works

Perfect biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Oxygenee @ Sep 23 2003, 08:54 PM)
Magnificent Kallisti!

Of course, no doubt, even as we speak, a redesign is being planned at ABG...

I almost sprayed my monitor at that one.
I think the avatar problem has been fixed.
Marc Chevalier

firedance-6.gif Hi! firedance-6.gif

Donnie Darko
Avast! pirate2.gif it's working....
Ah mes ami Artemis! You (and your Long Duck Dong reference!) have been dearly missed by yours truly.

Marc Chevalier

And I guess I missed the sight of a corncob-munching, "Family Affair" Buffy lookalike. Until now, that is.

"Buffy, Buffy, come back to me-ee,
Why'd you have to go and o.d-ee ..."

not only was I about to mention how much I wub-wuv Morrigan's piccie...

but I was also discussing that song recently.

Congrats for nearly finishing the new site and starting the new forum. In the end of the day it was really worth it! Looks like damn lot of work...

I'm in.
Thank you Markus, and everyone, for your nicey nice words!

It was indeed alot of work. More than I bargained for...

But we needed a facelift and it was worth the time for sure.

I'm liking it more everytime I check in...
couple neat features is the 'mark all read'
then when you come back to the forum - click View new posts
the got first unread message -
Pretty neat...
Thank you for the great work Kallisti. Just doin a test post . . .

Fantastic site, Kal. Just testing the avatars and such...

QUOTE (kallisti @ Sep 26 2003, 12:05 AM)
But we needed a facelift and it was worth the time for sure.

Color for the board and Botox for the admin?
I assure you the admin's visage is positively cherubic, and needs no Botox whatsoever. wub.gif
Sugar.gif too sweet Morrigan too sweet tongue.gif

but agreed.... great job.... I think I said that somewhere else last night but who knows I had a quite a few drinks.... spam_laser.gif

Can this forum be accessed using Netscape Navigator?

I spent a week trying to get in here using Netscape Navigator with no success and in the end I gave up and used Internet Explorer (on principle I try to avoid using Internet Explorer)?

Many thanks
Hob -- Been able to access with Netscape Navigator this whole time with no problems -- Might have to lower your cookie-watching status?
Lower my cookie watching status? I'd first have to find out what a cookie watching status is. I just use this computer, I don't understand it. When I get messages asking me if I want to accept cookies I generally reply "NO". My Mum always advised me never to accept cookies from strangers.
I'm hurt. I'm no stranger, Hobby! You can trust my cookies, honest.

It probably is the cookie thing, you should be able to set the preferences to accept cookies from my site only.
Don't worry Kallisti I'd never turn down one of your cookies.

I've set this machine to inform me of whenever cookies are being sent but even with saying "Yes" to the cookies offered from this site I couldn't get in with Navigator. I could get in to register but I couldn't access the threads. Anyway at least I can get in with Explorer now and I'll no doubt figure out how to get my Navigator settings sorted in time.

For a brief moment it had crossed my mind that maybe I had been barred from this forum before even getting here.

(Oh and I've also registered again as lordhobgoblin thinking that maybe I could have got in by registering again, so when you get a free moment you could get rid of the lordhobgoblin account. I'll just stick to hobgoblin.)
For a brief moment it had crossed my mind that maybe I had been barred from this forum before even getting here.

Now, that's just crazy talk!
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