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For those who missed it, I picked up a bottle of Chartreuse a few days back. Tried it first with just ice water, which gave me the queasies. Since I spent $42 on the bottle, I decided to give it another try.

I used regular ice water . . . ain't got no Seal Clubbin' Soda in the house at the moment and added lime juice. Total dilution about 6:1. Not toooo bad. Then I decided to experiment and added some anisette.

Now I have an even SWEETER concoction, within which the Nasty has been Neutralized. Oddly, it smells like SALT.

Any other ideas?

Even more oddly, I've only consumed about 1/4 of a glass (only about a shot of C and half a shot of A in the glass, the rest being water and lime) and I'm getting a buzz. Maybe I've discovered the appeal of Chartreuse?
Soda bud, gotta go with the club soda.

Look on

i just drink the stuff on the rocks.

if anything, soda, not flat water. the bubblies bring out the herbal effervences dev.gif
Hmmm . . .

3 cl Absinthe
3 cl Chartreuse
1 cl Green Curacao

What did absinthe ever do to me to deserve such treatment? Sounds like a punishment reserved for Hills or Logan Fils . . .

Instead of Fox Poison, I'm tempted to call it a Linda Blair! w00t1.gif
OK, OK, I'll try it with the bubblies.

Chartreuse Soda, here I come.
Oh yeah, don't forget to have a friend tighten all the straps down real secure like and sos you're imobile.

Cause when you board the "Chartreuse Cruise" you're embarking on a Golden Shower under the Devils urine.
Yes. Do NOT actually get DRUNK on Chartreuse, or you will be SORRY.

I think it was the monks' way of punishing you on earth so you wouldn't have to suffer in Hell for your drunkenness.

Sounds like a real pisser w00t1.gif

I went to my friends' house, they were showing several episodes of AbFab. I'd never seen it. I brought the bottle and picked up some bubbles on the way.

It was described by one as "like drinking Hai Karate."

I admit, the bubblies made it MUCH better. Drinkable, even. But no buzz.

Maybe the anise contributed?
Send it to me, I love the stuff. Neat, in a grappa glass after dinner.

Don't ever drink too much, or you will, as Peter has said, have the urge to vomit through your nose.
Like everyone else, I drink it with club soda. Occasionally I'll sip it straight.
mistaken identity, Steve...

pierreverte = Peter

perruche_verte = RAWK! un autre! RAWK!

Now, THIS is funky . . .

4-count Chartreuse
2-count Anisette
1 ice cube
Seal-Clubbin' Soda

Within seconds, the bubblies are TRAPPED in the viscous anisette. It all looks so THICK!

It STILL smells like salt. Tastes ok, tho.

And yes, one drink does equal something of a buzz. Guess it's the anisette. Anethol, isn't it? w00t1.gif
mistaken identity, Steve...

pierreverte = Peter

perruche_verte = RAWK! un autre! RAWK!

Nope, I know Peter (Papa PV), I've met him, and he did say (maybe a long time ago) that the angelica in Chartreuse makes one want to vomit through the nose.

I don't know your name, Perruche, and I didn't see you say that... but I often don't pay a lot of attention. You probably said the same thing.
I can't imagine ever WANTING to vomit thru the nose, or really any other orifice . . .

Does anyone know what else is IN Chartreuse? I'm not sufficiently herb-educated to know the source of the dominant flavors, much less the recessives.
Lots of info available here:

Chartreuese web site

By the way, Traineraz, it's not really that one WANTS to vomit through one's nose, it's just supposed to be one of the effects of too much anjelica... It was a bad choice of word on my part.
Traineraz: It's supposed to contain some 130 herbs, but Da Bruudas ain't talkin'! I know wormwood is one of them. If it does in fact have 130, that should cover most any herb that might come to mind.
For a somewhat less nauseating experience, go with the pricier V.E.P. Chartreuse which is aged 12 years in oak, and is a good deal more refined that the regular. I think I found my bottle on some liquor website a number of years ago, but I can't remeber which one.
"I don't know your name, Perruche, and I didn't see you say that... but I often don't pay a lot of attention. You probably said the same thing. "

Sorry, I thought you were referring to my remarks above.

I agree with Peter about the overall effects anyway. The Angel bears a flaming sword.
Thanks for the website, Spoony . . .

A look at Chartreuse in The Gentleman's Companion (1939, 1946) reveals:

. . . Clever chemical folk pronounce it to be made up of the following essences:  Sweet flag, orange peel, peppermint oil, dried tops of hyssop, balm, leaves of balm, angelica seeds and root, wormwood  shock.gif , tonka bean, cardamons, as well as well known spices such as mace, cloves and cinnamon.  Nice, simple little formula, this!

Green is most pungent, expensive, and a bottle will run as high as forty dollars alleged gold per quart, in the older supplies . . .

$40 a quart in 1946? OUCH!

I guess if it's a secret formula, it can have :chop: in it, eh? Perhaps we need some monks to start making a secret formula. Brothers of the Jadeite order? w00t1.gif w00t2.gif
. . . and is anyone else gonna dare to try it with anisette, and see if it does anything, or if I'm just a freak? It's not bad . . . really . . . it's not poop.gif, it's just kinda blink.gif different.

Well, we already know I'm a freak, so you don't have to rub it in . . . ranting.gif
O Great Nostril of Coziness . . . They had the VEP at Rum Runner (the local high-end liquor store, which also has Absente, Pernod, AND Ricard, all of which cost about as much as buying and shipping for some Sir Piss, so why bother), it was $130.

A bit too ouchy for me. I'd rather have the Fudgy Rolls if I'm gonna spend that kinda coin. Or 3 bottles of UE by way of SC with the superslow shipping option.
From the Chartreuse web site, recipes for "long drinks"
"Green-chaud" - "Chartreuse Mousse"
One part of Green Chartreuse
in a mug of hot chocolate

The thought makes me feel like vomiting through the nose...
Great. Now I went and developed a taste for Chartreuse. With Anisette. And Seal-Club Soda.

It gives such a quick and delightful buzz . . . after just one glass!

Nasty hangover if ya overdo, tho. No vomit thru the nose or anything, but the throbbin' wasn't where I like it to be!

Traineraz: Sorry it took so long to get back to you:...too much Fou-Juice clouds one's sensibilities...and I agree wholeheartedly...$130 is a blatant RIPOFF...I scored a bottle of Vep for $76!
But, all things considered, I'll stick with the unsugared Fudgierolls...even the long aged Vep contains all that friggin sugar and gives hangovers to literally make you long for death...if you really overindulge!!!! guillotine.gif
Where didja get the VEP for $76? For that, I'd consider trying it.

But right now, I need to get a good job so's I can afford some Fou-juice, and some UmEel, and some Sir Piss . . . I gotta celebrate that 4.0 semester (and 3.831 graduate GPA) somehow.

Traineraz: I don't remember the site I scored that bottle on..actually my wife found it for me, nearly a year and a half ago...just try a general Chartreuse V,E.P. search on the web, and hopefully it'll turn up...might've gone up a bit, but if it's still being sold by that site, it'll still be reasonable...nice damn graduate G.P.A., by the way...I never had the discipline to maintain that kinda average...if I had, you could be DAMN sure I'd have celebrated it too!!! LARS!.gif
Brother inlaw handed me this yesterday.
"Gotta use fer these?"
No, but I'll take 'em. I sez.

The party kit

Click to view attachment

The appropriate drinking vessel
(1 doz.)

Click to view attachment

Invites fer the inbreds I mean inlaws

Click to view attachment

The main ingredient

Click to view attachment

The 110 proof napkin

Click to view attachment

And of course the orgy mat

Click to view attachment
The Standard Deviant
I bought my girlfriend a bottle of Muse de France T.Picod, went to Boveresse (she went to Chamonix), and when I met back up with her she had bought me a bottle of Chartreuse VEP!
Good. Now you know what to do with it.
Just don't drink more than one third of a bottle in one sitting, and you should be just fine, Deviant.
So, when is the Swampwater party?
Whoa! Megabump!
But what is this doing in the "Charter use" thread?

Funny kit though!
Holy eau de marais! Is this Swampwater™ thing officially sanctioned by the frères chartreux?
Wild Bill Turkey
Prolly sanctioned by their US-licensed distributors, but I'll bet the monks broke their vow of silence and swore like Cuff bouncers when they saw it.
QUOTE(Absomphe @ Sep 14 2006, 07:55 PM) *

Just don't drink more than one third of a bottle in one sitting...

Bloofus has never forgiven you for that, Elliot.


---Tish looking-up.gif
Tell me about it.

He just left me another sample of his lack of forgiveness, a few minutes ago.

Thank goodness for ZeroOdor™.
Just barely related to the topic, but I subscribe to Patti Smith's email list and recently she wrote about enjoying a glass of chartreuse, and how the green liquid reminded her of absinthe and made her think of Rimbaud, Verlaine, et al.
Just felt like sharing. (This is my first post; I've been lurking for three years. Dunno why I'm posting now since I just enjoy reading everybody else's thoughts.)
Hi ubu!
The Standard Deviant
… … …
Some poor misguided fellow once bought me a bottle of Chartreuse as a birthday present...

You might try muddling some strawberries in the bottom of a highball with a pinch of sugar, add a dose of Chartreuse, a dose of Chambord and top up with Champagne (or Soda Water if you're feeling I so often am...).

Aside from that it's good for cleaning jewellery...
What a waste of champagne!
I would be ecstatic if someone gave me a bottle of chartreuse for my birthday. I bought a bottle at BevMo the other night and had a wee dram after dinner.

Of course I had a pounding headache at 3 AM, and was out of sorts the next day...

I never mix anything with chartreuse. I just drink it as a digestif like grappa. I did see a recipe that I want to try, though: a gin martini with a hint of chartreuse instead of vermouth.

Edit: he said "birthday" not "Christmas".
If you ever end up in Sweden I still have pretty much 95% left of the 142 proof Elixier Chartreuse. I'll just leave it here, waiting. It's got your name on it.
Thanks, dude! I will end up in Sweden someday (or at least in Copenhagen, and you're just across the bridge). I never tried the elixir (too expensive) but I'm sure I would like it.

I always think of what Peter once said about chartreuse, that the overwhelming angelica makes one want to vomit through the nose. Pretty accurate (right, Absomphe?)!
QUOTE(Nymphadora @ Sep 14 2006, 07:01 PM) *

So, when is the Swampwater party?

You misspelled "why".
OK, I just looked back at the Swampwater recipe, and it sounds pretty good! We had Mai Tais tonight, which we've been having since we were in Kauai last month, but the swampwater looks like an interesting variation (not in the Mason jars though).
QUOTE(Spoon @ Oct 20 2006, 10:36 PM) *

OK, I just looked back at the Swampwater recipe, and it sounds pretty good!

The year, 1973. The place, Dirty Dick's Saloon on the Northwest side of Chicago.
I was a Junior at UICC, out with a friend on a Wed. night. I just learned about "Swampwater"; probably from an article by Jean Sheperd in Car & Driver. The bar was dead and, besides the bartender, we were the only ones there. I mentioned "Swampwater" and found out the bartender had heard of it, but didn't have any pineapple juice. My friend ran across the street to a convenience store and came back with a six-pack of little Dole cans. "Swampwater" all around (on the house) until we ran out of pineapple juice.

That's when the bartender introduced us to "Salty Dogs" and I can't remember how I got home.

Been in love with Chartreuse ever since.
Well Spoon, I have a whole, unopened bottle of Chartreuse (yet another gift) and good lord, I wish that I lived close enough to you so that I could post it to you without the expense rendering the whole exercise moot...
On the same continent perhaps?

Alas, geography bests me once again...

It's yours in spirit.
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