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Full Version: Vendor Guide : Absinth Shop
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Austrian shop selling Montmartre, Serpis, Oxygénée, ...

Your comments, thoughts ?
Sells an awful lot of shit. "Hemp Liquor" and a bunch of other "drug related" obscurities. Can't even spell Un Emile right.

Why bother.
Austrians bother, after all that's the only online shop in their country, and they can at least buy some good Montmartre wink.gif
And I thought all the absithe online shops should figure in the Vendor Guide section... then everyone can judge by himself.
Absolutely. It's good to list them here. But... Isn't the whole advantage of online shops that it doesn't matter where they're located?

It's obvious that it's another thujone hyping store that sells mainly crapsinthe and "cannabis drinks" of all kinds. Shops like those shouldn't be getting people's money.
It does matter Hartsmar, think about the shipping costs when the vendor is located in your home country.
I agree with the second part, they sell crap... except for the Montmartre.
Sure. I don't know how much they charge for shipping within Austria, but Absinthe-distribution for one charges 15 Euro shipping within Europe with a 5-10 day delivery. I'm confident they're on pretty much that level too.

I just can't bring myself to actually "recommend" any vendor selling shit like Cool Hemp even if shipping for the one good brand they carry was cheap. Hell, not even if it was free. But maybe that's just me being picky,
Perhaps you're being picky.

But I also have to agree with you.
Yes, I agree also. If they are thuyone hustlers, avoid them at all costs, including saving a penny or two on shipping.
I didn't know OXYGÉNÉE still existed, didn't they end production of that a couple years ago?
I thought so.

I wonder if a couple of years of aging would improve it at all.

Probably not.
FSC sent out an email promoting their last 11 bottles of it or something like that, maybe 3-4 weeks ago.

Looks like remnant stocks are being sold off. Maybe you should tuck some away in your basement for the next 50 years, then sell it on eBay (or the equivalent in 2056) as vintage.
It does not improve with time, believe me, it's still crap and will always be.
It was one of the absolute best oil mixes at its time. I still have an unopened bottle for keeping.
it must be contrariness...
At its time it was still crap, no flavor no louche no taste.
At its time Versinthe or Un Emile was much better in my own opinion abs-cheers.gif
You'll soon learn that hartsmar rarely meets a drink he doesn't like.
I know, don't need to learn, but I love to tease him (hence the 'cheers' smiley)
QUOTE(G&C @ Jul 8 2006, 06:26 AM) *

You'll soon learn that hartsmar rarely meets a drink he doesn't like.

Oh there's plenty. But in 2000 there wasn't that much of a selection.
There are a shitload of absinthes I don't touch but would still rate as drinkable for someone new to absinthe.
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