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Full Version: And we think some absinthe dealers are crazy...
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I'm not going to post a link to this auction (as per forum policy), even though it is not absinthiniana related, but if you want to have a good chuckle, check out the pre-prohibition Schlitz beer bottle up for sale on ebay.

Look under Collectibles/Pre-prohibition.

If this bottle sells, it will demonstrate conclusively that global warming must be having a deeper effect on the human psyche than anyone could have imagined. shock.gif

Cute with its little stand abs-cheers.gif

But $1000 !!! $3500 using 'buy it now' blink.gif
I think it's worth about $25 on a really good day.
There's a policy about not posting links to eBay auctions?

When did that happen?
Yup, but mainly if it's absinthe-related and only if it's an active auction. Posting links to fake items, dumb items or why not, pre-prohibition Schlitz bottles isn't a problem.
And besides, to call this wacko.gif an active auction (even if were an absinthe equivalent), would be strictly a technicality, anyway, since no one in his right mind would enter a $1000 bid on the item.
It seems definite ebay has replaced reality tv as the best place to see the ridiculous.
I could sell you my TV. $4500.

That would not be the big-screen though.
You may have a deal with me Hartsmar.

Just one question...

Is it a pre-prohibition tv?

Cuz I want a new television to go with that bottle of Shitz after I win it.
It's bitter and real illegal too!
If it louches, I gotta have it! chickawow.gif
Make sure he includes the scotch tape over the screen tv_horror.gif
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