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Full Version: how i spent my summer vacation...
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with plane tickets in the $3000 range for business class to geneva, i decided to cash in miles and hit the british music festival scene.

june 17th was the first stop on the lorry. hyde park.

moterhead, the strokes and foo fighters were highlights. i never could have imagined how much kids were into david grohl's unit as they were until i witnessed it. singing every word to every song, 85,000 people. to americans that is prob unfucking heard of-- in even our biggest stadium or largest grassy knoll, even at cochella. it was wicked. strokes slayed as well. red light was def highlight for me as well was nyc cops. the kids in the skinny ties ruled that night. viva fucking america on this show. warm pints (prob. 20, dodgey coke, and english teenage girls who apparently make out for fun with any geezer who sounds like john wayne). nice event, all told.

next? plane back to nyc filled with cigarette smoke and threats of arrest thanks to yours truely. ran out of vodka as well, they did, poor unprepared us air.

a little recoup, then back to t in the park. july 9th. saw the kooks cover the white stripes, dug in as arctic monkeys ripped it up and finally my new fav group kasabian blew everyone away in a new school rave rock'n'roll blitz that rivaled anything i've seen in years. the english kids took the gold here.

very hot. very expensive, very good tunes with lots of likely lads and less likely lasses. all there for a good time, and even wearing my re-elect bush, 2008 button, i was safe as a kitten. brits get irony. though i was called a filthy septic tank about 10,0000 times. and learned that meeting up for bev at the nuclear sub didn't mean anything more than spending bees at the ocean cruiser. just the bar. always, just the bar...

for anyone who has not experienced the english summer festivals, it comes highly recommended, providing you like you drink, drugs and violence in equally loving and disgusting modes and have loads of free pounds... to shed and to spend.

ok. next trip? nyc to see dirty pretty things do a showcase for the suits at bowery ballroom in a couple weeks. got a week off for that one as well, might stay and get dirty before cbbg's closes to move to vegas, which reminds me of where i want to go back to the start again once this r and r, r's...

l8r sk8rs.

Cool..... how'd you like Brian May jamming with Foo Fighters?

If you made it to London you could have made it to Switzerland fairly cheaply.....
Ryan Air, Easy Jet, German Wings.... all could have got you within a couple hundred miles of it for around a hundred or less.
i thought of that but concert was on the 17th. was in no condition for absinthing the next day...

i'm going back to london for GET LOADED IN THE PARK on august 27th. need to see babyshambles (who are headlining) before that guy's dead.
green beh
oh, you'll be there the same time frame i will be... going about the 25 of aug to about 1 of sept then on to paris to visit my sis... will be there for a week. (she's an absinthe officianado as well). might consider hearing some tunes, but i'm going to get AWAY from the noise and hassle of Los Angeles...

have fun in londonia! :) abs-cheers.gif
.....or even in Londinium! abs-cheers.gif
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