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Full Version: Please to buy!
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I'm listing this small lot of spoons on ebay again. It has been a slow season! But Head & I are celebrating our THIRD anniversary on Friday, and we're trying to raise some drinking money for our roadtrip to LA... there's some tiki bars and donut shops we'd like to hit cdog-plain.gif

(also please note the fabulous Barbie Ice Dancing outfit and Ken boxers for sale) chickawow.gif

We're leaving Friday morning and will be back Monday, so get yer questions answered now!

heart.gif heart.gif heart.gif to all!
THREE YEARS?! chickawow.gif

Time flies, eh? Congrats! abs-cheers.gif Have a great anniversary roadtrip!
don't need no spoons,

but i mighta went for the ice princess outfit if it was a much bigger size. :(

congrats on the anny!!
Congrats, you two!

Good things come in threes, but please don't read any more into that than I intended. abs-cheers.gif

Unless you want to.

Congrats! abs-cheers.gif
I'd buy them, but I'm broke.

The Standard Deviant
Me too. Congratulations on the anniversary though!
Donnie Darko
I'd buy them too but I have to save up for my own very short low budget anniversary trip two weeks from now.

Happy Anniversary though!

The Tiki bar I recommend is in Los Feliz off of Vermont Avenue. I think it's just called the Tiki-Ti, and it's tiny. Two drinks will kill you, plus a 24 hour Fatburger is right down the street for refueling purposes. They have this one mystery drink where a brass bull's head is the pourer for the bottle, and they yell "Toro! Toro! Toro!" when they pour it. I went crosseyed after one.
Well, I know I'm way past spoons, broullieurs, reservoir glasses and all the fancy schmancy absinthiana you can think of.

Thanks to Kallisti, I found the real deal.

IPB Image

Look at that leg showing... Teasing you gooode.
IPB Image

So, I couldn't resist. UPSKIRT!
IPB Image
Oh yeah!

* skeet skeet skeet *

I love the handbag!

Wowie. That is one impressive PINK.

SWAK! Thankee!!! heart.gif
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