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Full Version: A Little Self Mutilation
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So I met this chick in class last semester and it turns out that on top of being rather attractive, she's also a tattoo apprentice. At length, she convinced me to be her first victim. Without further ado:

IPB Image

Apologies for the quality. I have like the cheapest digicam on the planet.
Donnie Darko
That's one hell of an ice breaker.

This guy is doing my wife's next one:

Some of the best work I've ever seen is done by Paul Booth at Last Rites (his shop used to be down the street from me, but recently moved), but he has a wait list of two to three years.
Well, if that's your first - then be sure to stick with her or you'll soon discover you're into another pricey addiction.
Darko, your PM box is full. I would have told you this in a PM, but your PM box is full.
Donnie Darko
Inbox now not full.
Hartsmar is right, it's another pricey addiction. The more you get, the more you want. I have tattoos on both forearms and one on my back. After 10 years I do have some regrets. I like my tattoos, but I get tired of strangers' comments, so I often wear long sleeved shirts.

This is the one on my back. It looks all red and welty because this was taken when it was done.
Donnie Darko
I like that. Pretty original looking concept.

I have two on my right arm. One is just a black scorpion in a red circle, the other is Edward Gorey's Doubtful Guest, and his scarf has red & black stripes. If I remember correctly Da Rabbit (where the fuck did he disappear to?) also had an Edward Gorey, of Madame O throwing herself off the parapet.

The wife has five, three of them pretty small. But she has one large Brian Froud fairy on her back that has over 70 colours. I'll have to see if I can dig up a picture.

I have no tattoo regrets and never will. Even if it were something stupid like a Grateful Dead bear, it would remind me of a very specific time in my life better than any photograph or souvenir. That's the purpose tattoos serve for me. Put something on my skin I liked at that moment and that I'll look back on curiously later.
Now that would make a perfect tatoo thread !
Please take pictures of your tatoos, we want to see them !
I wanted to have baking instructions tatooed on my pig (avatar) but the wife wouldn't let me...
She has no sense.

(of humor)
Wild Bill Turkey
She married Stroller.
I'm stroller's puppet.
"Son" of Stroller?

Sounds like you have the makings of a retro cereal killer, starting with Porkio, the bacon flavored breakfast cereal.

Watch your back, Darko.
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