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Full Version: Old old old news
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Search and read articles from papers/magazines from 1800-today.

Some articles are free, others only give you an excerpt and then you need to pay for the full story.
Thanks, Hartsmar.

Perusing those should keep me out of trouble for a little while, anyway. abs-cheers.gif
I thought you knew most of those articles by heart. After all, much of it is from your youth.
This is obviously some sort of propaganda put out by those damn Bull Moose party members!!!
Bully, I say, Bully!

And Hartsmar...

Sure a lot those stories occurred during my misspent youth.

Doesn't mean I can remember 'em, though.

You'll understand when you're older.

Much, much older. lee.gif
So what did buggy whips go for back in the day?
They usually were dragged off the Senate floor, kicking and screaming, to some sanitorium, where they were furyher mindfucked by evil alienists.

However, until they were unseated, they made the same salary as the rest of the Senators.

I forget how much that amounted to, but then, I don't remember much, these days.
Wild Bill Turkey
All travelers agree that the effects of drinking absinthe in Morocco are appalling. Caravans have been described as laden with absinthe, carrying it from the coast to the interior.
QUOTE(Wild Bill Turkey @ Sep 7 2006, 10:49 AM) *


Damn it Bill! Now we're gonna get screened by the CIA!!!! (again!)
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