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Full Version: It turns the blood to ichor! Who knew?
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The research department at the Virtual Absinthe Museum (Bad Poetry Division) have just come up wth this little gem from the December 17th 1870 issue of "Punchinelle".


ABSINTHE'S a cunning word
Dram-drinkers to entice,
It comes from a Greek root which means
The opposite of nice.


The wormwood shrub its gall
Essentially doth give
To "ab", by which so many die,
For which so many live.


Its color is sea-green,
And should you enter where
The blissful stimulant is sold,
Youll see green people there.


King DEATH no longer drenches
With "coal-black wine" his throttle,
But slakes the drouth of his awful mouth
With pulls at the absinthe bottle.


And why should we repine
At the poison that's in his cup,
Since the fools we can spare are everywhere
And "ab" will use them up?


Then heigh! for the wormwood shrub,
And ho! for the sea-green liquor
That softens the brain to sillybub
And turns the blood to ichor!
Well, I sure get the part about "sillybub"!
The Standard Deviant
Is that an alternative spelling of syllabub?
QUOTE(Oxygenee @ Sep 23 2006, 04:53 AM) *

And turns the blood to ichor!

Yeah, but which is it?
Donnie Darko
Roses are red
Violets are blue
That guy is a lousy poet
Girl, you know it's true

And Mailli Vanilli rhymes with silly


The Standard Deviant
A Whipt Sillabub

Take a pt of cream with a spoonfull of orange flower water 2 or 3 ounces of fine sugar ye juice of a lemon ye white of 3 eggs wisk these up together & having in your glasses rhennish wine & sugar & clarret & sugar lay on ye broth with a spoon heapt up as leight as you can
i see green people shock.gif
Speaking of which, where the fuck is Ichor-us?
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