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Full Version: Replica Spoons...
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I finally got around to unpacking all of my Absinthables after a move last year. My replica Frenchman spoons look like they were dipped in battery acid. Can these be restored or should I toss them into the trash?

Thanks for any advice.

spoon.gif's in need of assistance...

(And yes, I know how I spelled Replica, damn it, can't edit that!)
Can you post a pic.
I can when I get home tonight...
If those are the spoons I gave you, they were already somewhat damaged (but hey there were free!).
How many do you have? I'd like to use them for something else.
Kirk, I only have a few Frenchman Replicas that are damaged (3 or 4, I think). I have others that are totally fine. You are welcome to any that are battery-acid-ed!

And yes, Spoon hooked me up with a couple of these a couple years ago, but they are not the only ones that took a turn for the worse (but don't worry, Spoon, they got good use while in Paris!). I literally haven't seen them in a year or so, some are totally normal, some are not... Weird. I think they were sad being neglected and killed themselves.

I only use drippers now and plan to do some vintage spoon hunting in Paris this X-mas...

So, yeah. That's about that. Kirk, PM me your address and I will send what I have that are damaged if you want them (free of course).
Remember that Frenchman makes stainless steel, chrome plated and silver plated spoons.
That may explain why some your spoons are damaged while others are not.
A while back I posted a good way to remove tarnish from silver-plated spoons:

Put a piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of a tray. Put your tarnished spoons on the foil, and sprinkle baking soda on them. Carefully pour boiling water to cover (careful, it may boil over and spatter you). Let sit for a few minutes and rinse with cool water. Dry with a soft cotton cloth. Repeat for really bad tarnish.

This method is better than polishing because it actually converts the tarnish back to elemental silver, instead of removing it like polish does.

Be careful. If you burn yourself it's not my fault.
Cool, I will def. Mr. Science a couple of these... Thanks!
The foil/baking soda trick works real well.
grey boy
Yes, I found that out when my wife, a jeweler,
was wondering* why I was polishing my silver grilles and spoons.

*by wondering I really mean she was calling me a dumbass.
That's when you whip it out and waggle it
screaming "Sausage, baby! It's what's for dinner!!!"

Just DON'T put that in the bath of baking soda...
But why not? Wouldn't that convert the "tarnish" into elemental silver? And who wouldn't want silver sausage? shock.gif
Alyssa Dyane
The better questions is this: who has a tarnished sausage? blink.gif
How about Ron Jeremy?

Oh, I guess that wood be more like a varnished sausage.
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