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Full Version: Who Killed Thu Jong Chang??
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When cleaning up my outbox, I ran across some 2004 references to our old pal, Thu Jong Chang, and see that he's no longer with us.

With the lack of new information on Amelia Earhardt or Jimmy Hoffa, the excusing of Fredie from our presence, and the recent debunking of 9-11 conspiracies on South Park, it seems we are ready to delve into this greatest of mysteries: Who killed Thu Jong Chang?
The Standard Deviant
Shouldn't your name be TrainerOR?
Or what?
QUOTE(traineraz @ Oct 21 2006, 03:25 PM) *

Who killed Thu Jong Chang?

Apparently nobody.

He simply seems to have morphed into Count Chocula.

Stranger things happen every day.
I'm still figuring out what my name should be, since I'm no longer in AZ and no longer a fitness trainer. DB_PDX could work, but then what if I decide Portland is too sunny and I have to move to Seattle? Then I'd need a new name all over again. See my dilemma? (It's been sunny all weekend in Salem. Where's the clouds??)

I think you're right, Absomphe. He just shape-shifted, sneaky bastid.

But I really thought the Bushies confused him with Kim Jong Il and had him whacked, thinking they'd deal with NoKo that way. The names ARE mighty similar.
How about "Private What's his fuck"?
Lord Stanley
Is he East Asia's version of thujonejohn?

You win a lifetime supply of Sqertzstrand's Essence, LS! chickawow.gif
Jaded Prole
"Private What's his fuck"?

Beat me to it.
What if he gets promoted to say, Corporal What's His Fuck?
Jaded Prole
Is Cororal a new rank or maybe it's French?
Stationed at the OK Cororal maybe.
You try saying it with a sausage in your mouth.
Hope ya don't mind, but I'm adding that to the list of "Images I Don't Need to See."
QUOTE(Jaded Prol @ Oct 23 2006, 08:36 AM) *

Is Cororal a new rank or maybe it's French?

More likely bastardized Spanish.
Most of them are.
QUOTE(spAZ @ Oct 23 2006, 04:53 PM) *

Hope ya don't mind, but I'm adding that to the list of "Images I Don't Need to See."

Unfortunately for me, that was an image I DID see.

Fooking hilarious, that was...
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