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Full Version: Firefox 2.0
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Can anyone please help with a tweak? In FF1.5, my context menu had an option for "Search Web for ..." when highlighting text. Now, in 2.0, it uses whatever engine I've currently displayed instead (e.g., "Search Amazon for ..."). How do I get back to the old, simple way of just "Web," not the displayed engine?

I've checked several forums, done searches, monkeyed around with everything search related in about:config, and nothing works.

Any ideas? I've got workarounds, but I want a real fix.

The Standard Deviant
I've just had a look at both versions. I think they must have changed two variables into one, although I could be wrong. Perhaps you could ask on their support forums, or file a bug report.
Thanks, SD. I posted on one of the support forums and someone came up with the best fix so far:

I'm at home now and it's my work machine that is in question. I am hoping I will be able to configure it to basically replicate the old way. Not perfect, but good enough.

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