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Full Version: Word on the street is...
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...that Absomphe is really a 18 year old busty beautiful blonde.

Ok, so I just thought this section needed some action.
The street has him confused with his wife.
I knew it!! He's She's such a saucy bitch...
Well, his bust is only 18 years old. And the blonde, he picked up last week . . .
My bust would be a helluva lot firmer than these manboobs if it were only eighteen, Spazmodius.

How did you know about the blonde, is my question?

She's beautiful, Belgian, and a trappist monk to boot...

Yup, she's one fine piece of t....ale , alright!
Trappist Monk and Trapped Monkey are two different things . . .

And I meant the implants!
QUOTE(G&C @ Oct 27 2006, 08:49 AM) *

The street has him confused with his wife.

vagina.gif heart.gif
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