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Full Version: Marshall McLuhan
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...but, I just starting reading him (and about him) this weekend.


"The artist is the only person; his antennae pick up these messages before anybody. So he is always thought of as being way ahead of his time because he lives in the present."
I've read some of his stuff before, and the guy is full of great quotes.

I recently thumbed through a book of his where he annotated various ads and other print graphics, tagging them with McLuhanisms. It was kinda dated and not as interesting as I had hoped. The only reason I picked it up was because I had read somewhere that the book was an intellectual forefather of some of Lileks' stuff, which I enjoy.
"The medium is the message."

(sorry to Sixela you)
I was just going back to edit that.

You're quick, Bob! worshippy.gif

I really must remember to take a cue from Gerald Ford, and not try to multi-task, especially while typing.

I'm way too distractable.
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