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Full Version: 1990s Absinthe Revival Timeline
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Stick your stuff below, and I'll keep editing (every day or two) this main post to include your insertions and deletions!

A brief description of a person or event would be great, along with links to any references.

Brands - Popular/Good/Horrific; release dates?

Mata Hari
Mari Mayans
Segarra 45 - first commercially-available distilled absinthe; oddly, aged in oak barrels

sHill's begins production in [1991?]

Legislative actions

Key players/characters

Ted Breaux, the chemist, and Don Walsh, the businessman, early business partnership for what would become Jade. First recorded postings 1998 . . . earlier work? Ted?

1995-1998, John Moore (of rock group Black Box Recorder) imports various Czechsinths to UK.

1998, Moore forms Green Bohemia with George Rowley, of Bohemia Beer House, and Gavin Pretor-Pinney and Tom Hodgkinson of magazine "The Idler", which imports Hill's Absinth to the UK.

1999 (?) Green Bohemia owners form Green Utopia, Ltd., and contact Marie-Claude Delahaye for recipe, later to become La Fee (released in 2000).

Radomil Hill
Martin Sebor
Julian Segarra

Marie-Claude Delahaye

Kallisti - Opens La Fee Verte Absinthe House (this here website), 1997

Betina Wittels
OptimalSmarts (Opie)

Cultural events (movie references, TV shows, competitions, etc.)

1994 - Marie-Claude Delahaye opens absinthe museum in Auvers-sur-Oise, north of Paris. Absinthe paraphernalia.

Key publications (books, magazine articles, or research papers)

Internet and Community Developments

1997: Kallisti founds La Fee Verte Absinthe House website, a web forum and information clearinghouse dedicated to the discussion of absinthe, pornography, and the giving of good Head. People from across the US and, um, the rest of the world (mostly Europe and Canada) are for the first time able to network and share information in a flame-free environment. (Well, fire free, anyway.)

Mari Mayans was pretty big too, wasn't it?
And how about Kallisti for giving rise to this community?
I'm pretty sure Pernod 68 was not in production til late 2001. or early 2002.

I'm runnin' outta rhymes
Need me some Fluffy G
To get thru the rough times
When absinthe louched like pee ...
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