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Full Version: Múm
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Donnie Darko
I usually don't say much about music on here since people's tastes are so diverse, but every now and then there's a band that comes along that I just have to gush over. Múm is definitely that.

Múm is this band from Iceland that write music I would like to be buried to. The singer is some girl (actually two twin sisters) whose voice makes me estimate her (their) age to be about 3 or maybe 4 years old. The music is weird, trudging, bubbly, bloopy, incredibly dark, twisted, incredibly cute, and comforting all at the same time. It definitely paints a picture in your head. The picture it paints in my head is of some gypsy freak show marooned in the middle of a calm ocean on a leaky barge with an accordian, a mandolin, a violin, a broken synthesizer, and a rusty drum kit, strumming and singing away as they sink to the bottom of the ocean.

That's just my opinion though. You may listen to them and say "What the fuck is this mental asylum music?" and turn it off.

The albums to get are "Summer Make Good" and "Finally We Are No One".

What is it with Icelandic bands? Bjork, Sigur Ros, Múm... they're all great and like nothing you've ever heard, and none of them sound like each other either.
Looks promising. Weird music is right up my alley. Everyone should also go check out Koenji Hyakkei and Ruins.
Iceland seems to have a very interesting musical scene. Think about Emiliana Torrini or Hilmar Örn Hilmarson!
It doesn't make me wonder that a great new group is comming from there. Do the have a myspace site?

Btw. I saw a gig of a canadian band "Junior Boys" last weekend, which was really impressive. Sounds a bit like the latest Depeche Mode album - which I think is brilliant. (I think so at least...)
Donnie Darko
Thanks for the tip. Playing The Angel was brilliant, I think the best thing they've done since Violator.

Mum's myspace page

Unfortunately everything on myspace sounds like shit due to being low audio resolution, but it will give you a vague idea of what they sound like.

Stomp Brockmore
I agree, Múm are excellent. I picked up a copy of Finally We Are No One a few years ago and haven't listened to it in quite a while. Might be time to break it back out. They reminded me at the time of a gentler Sigur Ros...also an amazing band.

And if you like them, I highly recommend checking out Godspeed You Black Emperor! from Montréal. Different (and definitely darker) but in that same post-rock ballpark.
Donnie Darko
I know Godspeed well, have seen them live twice. I've gotten tired of them lately, since pretty much every song follows that "start out with some samples of a crazy person saying some random shit, music starts slow and light, builds to fast and heavy, then breaks down" formula. But they're still good. I thought the use of their music in 28 Days Later was very appropriate.

I saw Sigur Ros open for Bjork, and they actually have an impressive stage presence, which is surprising given their serene sound on the albums.

As for Múm I think I like "Summer Make Good" even better than "Finally We Are No One". It's darker and more experimental sounding in parts, and a little less cute little lullaby-ish, though the preceding album is still excellent.
Stomp Brockmore
Yeah, I agree with you re: Godspeed. The formula does get repetitive, but in moderation it works like crazy. I saw them play live in a movie theatre here with National Film Board films playing in the background, and it was unbelievable. Very powerful. And yeah, Sigur Ros are amazing live.

I'm gonna check out that Múm record. As for other music, lately I've been completely hooked on the latest Bonnie 'Prince' Billy record, The Letting Go. It's incredible. He's one of my absolute favourite musicians.
Donnie Darko
QUOTE(AndrewT @ Nov 2 2006, 07:02 PM) *

Everyone should also go check out Koenji Hyakkei and Ruins.

The Ruins are awesome, their Black Sabbath Medley is brilliant. Speaking of Japanese Noise I saw this other band Melt Banana about 3 years back at the Knitting Factory in NYC, they were the best noise act I've ever seen.

The guitarist was a mad man. He had some entirely customized guitar with all these wires coming off it, and wore a surgical mask with a contact mic underneath which allowed him to use his voice to switch sounds on his guitar as well as modulate it. I've never heard a guitar make those kinds of sounds before and so effortlessly switch from one sound to another. The singer/bassist was this girl that stood entirely motionless for the whole set with her hair in her face, looking exactly like that evil girl in The Ring.
The Standard Deviant
I saw Melt Banana last winter in Cardiff, I believe I may have damaged my hearing slightly at that gig. The guitarist did have a huge amount of pedals, nailed down onto wooden boards and even an iPod with them. No idea why.
Donnie Darko
I always either bring earplugs or put tissues in my ear. Usually I prefer tissues because it sounds better than most earplugs, you don't lose the high frequencies so dramatically. Melt Banana was loud though, even with the earplugs.
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