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Full Version: The Absinthe Buyer's Guide du jour!
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*insert imperial margerine theme music here*

It is the New, Less Broken, Absinthe Buyer's Guide! The Guide as it was always intended to be. What amazes me, after all these years, is that this part still really excites me shock.gif wub.gif censored2.gif devilgirl.gif w00t1.gif

d00d, check it out. Fully database driven, easily updatable by the editors, searchable (I have to fix that template, so pls excuse the ugly) G.U.I.D.E.! On the rightnav menu under the RED header you will find the review tool... for now that can be used and posted in the forum guide as per usual. Markus and I still need to make some edits and address presentation issues with the review tool, but I think you guys here have the hang of it already.

This has totally been a wet panty dream for me for ages. I'm really glad to finally bring it to fruition, with the help and estimable guidance of Oxy & Hartsmar! When re-entering reviews, Markus and I totally tag teamed it, he took Switzerland, I did France, etc... so if you find any errors or malfunctions please post or pm and we will be happy to address.

We're coming up on TEN years here at Fee Verte! So I think now is a good time to start celebrating!!! abs-cheers.gif
I thought I'd hold off for a time responding in this thread, to allow space for the flood of warm congratulations and grateful thanks from the members here to Kallisti for her dozens and dozens of hours of hard work that have finally come to fruition, with the release of this new - and incomparably superior - version of the Buyers Guide.

I thought there might also be a nod to Hartsmar, for his tremendous - and ongoing - contribution.

24 hours later, 65 views, but as far as posts go, nothing, nada, zip.

You guys are a tough crowd.
The Standard Deviant
Yes, congratulations on completing it! I can understand the undertaking of making a database-driven review site. Up-to-date with the reviews on the forum, no less.
Bruno Rygseck
I hesitated in replying to this thread when I saw it, as it is under Administration category, otherwise I would have said this:

Kallisti, Hartsmar, Oxygenee: Thank You!

Kallisti: the Buyer's Guide looks just Great! Old reviews still there, separated from the new ones. Hartsmar, many thanks for all your work with the Reviews, and the review Tool! Oxy, the reorganization of the Forum makes it even more enjoyable to navigate through, new Timeline threads, Entrance Hall and everything!


Bruno Rygseck
QUOTE(Bruno Rygseck @ Nov 6 2006, 04:50 PM) *
I hesitated in replying to this thread when I saw it, as it is under Administration category

What a lame excuse, I might as well go back to the Entrance Hall.

Good idea, I need a place to leave my overcoat, it was getting a bit warm already.

Congrats on the impending anniversary, K&H.

May this enchanted kingdom last as long as Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed's relationship! LARS!.gif

Yes Congrats. abs-cheers.gif
It is most beauteous!

But I saw it as an announcement and request for technical reports. I wouldn't presume to just bounce in and say LARS!.gif CONGRATULATIONS! LARS!.gif
Alyssa Dyane
It really is great, thank you.
Donnie Darko
Outstanding job Kallisti and all involved. It's coherent and very easy to find exactly what you're looking for, and the review tool is awesome.

Being the anal retentive prick that I am, I did find one error. Duplais Blanche is listed as being sold by LDF, but it is not listed on their website. Also, I may have missed this, but is it possible for one to sort absinthes by highest score in the Buyer's Guide? If not, that would be a great addition.

Thanks again for all your hard work! absintheglass-glow2.gif
I can tell a lot of work went into all that redesigning. Hats off to everyone involved!
Thank you so much! I love the new Buyer's Guide setup. I think Donnie's idea would be very helpful if it is possible. Either way, thank you for everything you've put into this site!

By the way, where did the Herbsaint listing go?
Jaded Prole
A great achievement! This is an indespensible service for the many new to absinthe looking for the best quality products as well as to the rest of us.

The link should be posted in as many appropriate places as possible.

Lord Stanley
I hadn't even noticed this thread or the New and Improved Buyer's Guide.
It really does look amazing. Grate werk!
This will undoubtedly sell more absinthe. Nice job.
The Standard Deviant
Does the forum section, with reviews in post form, serve a purpose anymore?
The new layout for the buyer's guide is a lot more organized and helpful! Great work guys it really stands out now.
Excellent work! Thank you to everyone involved. The Buyer's Guide is really becoming quite the resource.
Wild Bill Turkey
The new format makes the Buyer's Guide exactly the user-friendly tool that most people are going to be looking for when they come here for the first time. But it also works really well for regular users who are looking at other available products. It's easy to navigate, and goes right to the heart of what people need when they're looking for what to buy. It solves all the problems that kept me from thinking of the Buyer's Guide as much of a resource before, and now I can see why Oxy is so anxious to have it fleshed out with more reviews.

Thank you all involved for your hard work, it serves both the absinthe and the non-initiated communities.
QUOTE(The Standard Deviant @ Nov 7 2006, 02:05 PM) *

Does the forum section, with reviews in post form, serve a purpose anymore?

It still serves as a staging ground where the average joe can post their reviews, and Hartsmar can then review, format, and add to the guide. I think they work really well in tandem. And I'll be updating the guide home page a bit to make the whole process more user-friendly.

And I'd love to be able to sort by rating etc. As it stands now this is a hacked mt blog installation, and I'm not sure how much further hacking would be necessary to be able to sort and display on selected datasets.

But if it is possible, it is certainly on our wish list too.

The rest of the historical entries (including herbsaint then and now) are in my court, hope to have them up soon.

Thanks all for the comments and feedback.
No! Thank you! Sugar.gif
It's wonderful. Thanks very much!
The forum is also good for other peoples comments.

One thing that might be considered is the non-scoresheet reviews should probably be dated (if they aren't already and I'm just blind).

It does look quite nice.
The old reviews aren't dated since they weren't in the old guide.
It MIGHT be possible to go dig them up from archives or such, but the question is if it serves a big enough purpose to go through that.

Me, I have a couple of reviews left to add to the guide, and I will then go through the review-threads in the forum to clean them up. Merging main threads with new reviews and so on.

The review threads are an excellent place to put reviews of exisiting products in the guide and the "newly rated absinthes" thread is the place to put anything not yet reviewed. It makes it much easier to keep track of whenever someone makes a review and adds it here.
I think they should be noted as pre-new-guide reviews. Just because I'm not sure those who wrote them would say the same things today with the heavily changed absinthe market (similar to reading glowing reviews of Mari Mayans in the archives, for example. While today the Mayans is still glowing, I'm not sure the reviews would be).
I agree. And I wish I had dated them all along. I think perhaps tagging them with "Circa 1997-2002" might do the trick.

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